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  1. N. T. B
    Daniel Patterson
    Not at all like the real thing, cold b more gore n bashings. But OK to fill in waiting rooms. N it will keep the teenagers quite.
  2. Good game
    Qui Que
    An attack order for the gang boss should be added, or different gang names or more gangs. Graphics and artwork are cool.
  3. dejay johnson
    Great mind game U NEED TO STAY HAPPY IN THE GAME u will die if u dont the and ur health tht too. Over all this ghost ame is life
  4. Fun/addictive!
    Ryan Owen
    This is an amazing game it just needs a few new features because it gets a bit repetitive and it's Is getting boring.
  5. Pretty Rad, but also messed up
    Kris De La Rash
    Hilarious if you watch prison shows, from OITNB to Oz, (or if you heard about the recent prison break in NY --dr. salad). This game makes light of troubling realities. Endlessly entertaining. Highly replayable, and admittedly addictive. Pretty messed up though.
  6. Quite Entertaining
    Rachel Hicks
    The tutorial was painful (annoying) to the point I nearly requested a refund. After ignoring the tutorial and taking a few hours to figure it out on my own, the game is great! Love the charachters from all of my favorite shows & movies. Thank you for some giggles and entertainment!
  7. Never thought i would be happy paying for mobile game until now.
    Christopher Wimmer
    Any other game i have ever bought it wasnt worth it. This game blew me away. Thank you so much developers. This game is worth playing if you like short rpg games. Tons of characters and things to do. My only suggestion would be to make a free demo to should those on the fence about paying.
  8. Fun at first.
    Eion Sparks
    This game is pretty fun at first. Now that I've played through 5-6 prisoners I'm starting to get pretty bored with the repetitiveness. Are there more prisons later or is it the exact same actions and SLOW "rolling" process over and over? I see how the game has so called replay value. But each replay is less exciting and seems more like grinding to get to the goal rather than fun.
  9. Great game but super repetitive
    Sebastian Solorza
    I found a full proof system to win even on last tier of inmates. Fame needs to become utilized and difficulty needs to be improved. Add more ways to die or lose health and happiness. Nonetheless a phenomenal game for the price but has the potential to be one of the best cell phone games ever if developer digs deeper into this.
  10. No more updates? :(
    Joel Lim
    It's been pretty long since there was an update with new stuffs. Is there going to be any new updates soon?
  11. Great app.
    smike fake
    It is easily the best app I have ever played. But... There is one problem. I usually play offline, and time to time it crashes and when I try to open it again it says: download error licensed. It is rather annoying, seeing as it is a great app and the only way to fix this currently is to connect to WiFi. I am not on a Sim card plan either, so I have to wait until I have WiFi to fix the game. Please look into this. Thanks! -smike.
  12. Fantastic
    Joe Marubbi
    I bought this game and I looked at it and it looks bad. But it is AWESOME so fun to play. I want to know if you can get more or different special character though and a character creator would be awesome where you could choose your stats and like upload it for other people to play as.
  13. Only $3.99 without IAP I'm very pleased!
    Angela Walker
    I'm enjoying this game so much. I was trying to look online for a guide to improve relationship with the warden when I saw listings for ****** app. Obviously there are a lot of special little snowflakes who feel they deserve to get this for free. If people don't wise up & support the few remaining devs who don't use pay 2 win app format then soon there will be none. I believe $3.99 isn't too much for this great game. Those without access to credit cards can get prepaid ones to buy apps.
  14. Meh
    Andrew Chaban
    Kinda boring. Honestly for the amount you pay for this game I expected a lot more. Repetitive. Can't recommend until it becomes more fun, more things to do, and more in-depth like other + $4 games
  15. Tom Stanlake
    Never thought I'd have so much fun getting beat up. At least my guy doesn't drop the soap!
  16. More
    Konor Baynton
    Dear nobstudio, you should make more games in this format (Touch stuff for interactions and arrows to move) maybe a sports or a life sim. Anything
  17. Good so far!
    Bo Jangles
    Nice work with all the fixes, warden! I just might let you live when I make my escape. Anyone who likes survival strategy should get this. It has a surprising amount of depth and is highly replayable. Well worth the small purchase price.
  18. Really addictive
    Susan Martin
    Ive played as 4 characters so far and theres a lot of people you'll recognize when you play and its totally worth the money. I recomend adding an easier way to upgrade stats of the players cause i hate spending so much money on upgrades from the mad doctor so can you please fix that ?
  19. Amazing/Addictive
    Peter Gaughan
    Bought this game not expecting much and it completely surprised me, Not only is it funny but trying to complete character goals is a real joy and I just loved the overall experience 5 Stars to the creator. Thank you so much for an amazingly fun experience.
  20. Expected more
    The combat and such sorta bothers me because its usually relying on chance or skills when i thought itd be different. Unique game i can give it that


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