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Ryan Holowaty | COO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jordan Schidlowsky | CEO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Ben Schmidt | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jason Knight | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada |

Reviews 3,729

  1. Straight talk Android
    Michelle Robertson
    Love, Love, Love this game!!! Can play a long time or a quickie. Takes skill, logic, and some luck helps. No freeze up or any other tech problems. Give it a try u will be hooked!!!
  2. Bugs!!
    Qutbuddin Pardawala
    The game has numerous bugs. Like some levels the tikis are out of screen boundaries while in some tikis disappear even before clicking a single block. Mind you they arent falling in the lava !!
  3. Addicting!
    Joy Hansen
    Played each level perfectly in two nights. Worth making a sequel to. Truly wish there was different worlds to enter into while balancing , bouncing and blowing things up.
  4. I really enjoy this
    Niall B
    I like there games. I don't love them but I like them a lot. This is a great addition to the genre! Only thing I dislike about there games is like "chance/luck" thing. I could do a level 5+ times the EXACT same way and on the 6th or 7th try it would mysteriously work. It's the only thing I don't like but there is something so addictive about the reward of completing a level hah Good game :)
  5. Fun and Challenging
    Nigel Touch
    Great game, fun but increasingly tricky. Allows you to solve levels badly and continue, or keep trying until you get the perfect solution.
  6. nice game
    Ray Nicko Balatbat
    The sounds are not annoying. You can actually have fun with the levels, although some can be quite difficult. Gives a good time for a physics game. Quite addicting too.
  7. Tiki lavanche
    Ng Davis
    Need tons of analysis with careful planning. A very interesting fun stimulating game that seen impossible to get 3 stars but when achieved great satisfactions
  8. Awesome
    Scott Price
    Luv this game. Wish it had more levels tho. And also in the later lvls its about 50% luck
  9. Fun game
    Mark Helfand
    Enjoyable game that makes you think and passes time quickly. Great graphics with cute animation. Can get rid of adds.
  10. Purchased remove ads option
    Marco Maza
    And it did not work, ads still show and i was charged 99 cents EDIT: It just needed time to process. Addicting game!
  11. Great
    Brad Sours
    Great mind puzzle type game.. pts a fresh spin on it. They have plenty of levels, wish they would add more.
  12. Really good game...but
    T Polite
    This game will make you think. I really like it, but... I paid the $1.99 for additional packs and didn't get a thing. Sent an email about it and have received no response.
  13. Addictive
    lisa andrud
    Good game, addictive, you have to think about it a little bit, adds a challenge to the game. Fun to play. Good way to pass the time.
    Matthew Perez
    lots of thinking involved great puzzles game complete 405 GOLD STARS
  15. Great game!!!
    ariel galvan
    Its fun somewhat what addicting especially if try to get top scores.
  16. Excellent game!! Fun pass time!!
    Peggy Sue Nichols
    What makes this game fun is using your skills to get it right.
  17. Really intetesting
    Vikki Simpson
    Good game to make you think--I like it, thank you!
  18. Pure epic
    Mark Allen
    The game is highly addictive and makes you want to get 45/45 on every pack. You got to download this game
  19. Msjessica
    Jessica Sandoval
    Fun fun fun. Great puzzle game, challeging but simple at the same time. Great if you have a lot of time or just a couple minutes.
  20. Pretty good for a free game
    Ewen Christie
    Not too many ads and pretty fun. Not totally addictive or anything but still well worth having a go of.


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1.1.2 - Fixed issue causing some users' screens to go blank in the game
1.1.1 - Fixed crash for users with Android 4.2, Jelly Bean

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