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Reviews 94,306

  1. Very few movements detected, Xperia Z3
    Zhenya Sakovets
    I always get this message when I wake up which is strange because my phone is always really close to me when I goto sleep. Is there anyway to increase accelerometer sensitivity?
  2. So helpful!
    Hannah VanSyckel
    This app has been so helpful - I've never had an easier time waking up or feeling rested. And, I find its data really accurate according to how I feel.
  3. So far so good.
    Mary Walsh
    I am trying to get past 5 days so I can start keeping graphs and charts. I have a condition called Narcolepsy with cateplexy, and I want to keep track of my poor sleep for my next doctor appointment in hopes of getting a newer and better medication. If it works I will be very grateful to this app.
  4. Never happier about waking up!
    Rich Swingle
    I am not a morning person, but waking gently is so much better than being yanked out of deep sleep. It replicates sleeping in every day! And it really works! I especially love being able to pick my wake-up song.
  5. Rachel Watkins
    After using this app for months, I wake up naturally after having a decent amount of sleep each night. I don't really need the alarm function any more, but the data collection is great.
  6. Great app
    Ryan Groisboeck
    I really like how well this app works. They only get 3 stars because I already paid for this app and I have to pay annually to back up my sleep account!?? Just got a new phone and I'm starting over. Such a pain. Not gonna pay annually that's a joke
  7. Very good app!
    Luis Concepcion
    It provides very good information regarding your sleep quality and also helps you wake up in the best possible part of your sleep cycle. The app does what's supposed to do. Worth the few dollars I paid.
  8. Quite accurate
    Manuel Zárate Sinfonte
    Skepticism was present. After a week or so I could tell it was quite accurate. Specially on the best night and quality of sleep
  9. Awesome!
    Rachel B
    I'm not a morning person and I always hit snooze a dozen times. Last night I used this app for the first time and woke up with ease. No frustration of over sleeping or being groggy!
  10. Please Fix
    Jalen Lawson
    Its great except you can't delete nights (there's a button to do it, but it doesn't work) so if you accidentally close the app like 30 minutes after you go to sleep it messes up the data and sleep notes stuff.
  11. Awesome.
    Caleb Pritchard
    This app works better than I even expected. I had originally purchased the app just for the alarm clock, but with the sleep monitor it has helped my sleep improve dramatically. I would highly recommend this app to anybody that has restless nights.
  12. Chandra M
    So far it's just been an okay app. Each night my chart looks drastically different with some nights never hitting a deep sleep. It also keeps notifying me there are few movements which I think is wrong.
  13. Actually works
    Jordan Hays
    I never wake up using a normal alarm clock or alarm on my phone no matter how loud and obnoxious. I wake up everytime with sleep cycle and in a soothing manner. Love it!!!
  14. Doesn't really work that great
    Ryan Bogdewic
    It just wakes you up at the time you set your alarm for regardless if you're in a deep or a light sleep phase. I was hoping for an alarm that actually wakes me in my lightest sleep phase.
  15. Worked immediately
    Levi Wilson
    I wake up groggy and angry often. Used this one time, and even with less than five hours of sleep I woke up easily without the groggy feelings. Miracle app.
  16. Pleasantly surprised
    Josh White
    I've tried a lot of sleep apps in years previous and this is the first to actually do what it says. It's not annoying, plus its really simple. Lots of clever small details that make it exceptional.
  17. Started off ok
    Peter Elliott
    First night work great, changing the wake up from 30 mins to 20 and it failed to work. This could also be because I set my phone aeroplane mode to stop the phone transmitting all night next to my head which doesn't seem healthy!
  18. Seems to work
    Stacy Sachs
    Not sure how but its pretty accurate. I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep track of their sleep patterns.
  19. Very helpful in the long run
    Kevin Tran
    Pretty good app. It had woken me up at the desired time without fail. Wish it used up less battery power, as my phone gets really warm while charging over night, and this makes it even more uncomfortable in the summer heat. Oh well. Good app none the less.
  20. Good app and feedback seems accurate.
    Bill B
    Helpful app and feedback seems to correlate with my fitbit and how I feel in the morning. I like the added feature of the alarm starting to wake me before the set time if I am in a more shallow sleep. I have always had trouble getting up in the morning but this features helps with finding a time between deep sleep cycles. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to track their sleep with a helpful alarm.


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