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shall we date
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  1. Fun
    Steffani Crawford
    The only downside is the grammatical errors and all avatar items linked to the slot system. Please make an avatar shop and if you need a proof reader that will work for free. I would be happy to help. I only have an associates degree in English, but that's pretty good for free labor.
  2. Pretty Good However...
    Rebecca Alvarez
    Invite Code : Hn4irRDUa Destiny Ninja has a great plot and the character's personalities are all very different. However it is a PAIN having to wait 4 hours for 1 energy to recover.
  3. Amazing
    Love the incredible storylines, beautiful pictures and the handsome characters. Please use my invite code where you will receive helpful items in the game. NbQE5XUp28
    Lylian Hackdoe Yan
    At the end of Enya's chapter 2: dependable guard (3/9), if I was the main character, after he says something about allowing him "those privileges" after falling in love with him, I'd just look at him strangely and be like; I'm going to bed. Goodnight
  5. Angry
    Lisa-Marie Wyldbore
    Ive become quite addicted to this game itself. But ive been working to get points for DC coins ive only got some of what i earned. I followed the instructions for each thing for points. Ive worked for hours playing on Game of war to get over 400 points i did all required but still no points. Also the story should be a bit more interactive and shouldn't reapeat what happened in the previous energy.
    selina olivas
    Awesome game definitely you guys should play the only bad part is the 4 hour awaiting other than that it's good feel free to use the code JFLxC7iPsw
  7. monica evans
    This is a cool app.. I like it it's a lil slow sometimes but still very good... I would be better if the chapters were longer tho that's why I only gave it 4 stars.... Come play !! This is my invite code jaxWQtpJfq
  8. Amazing
    Hayley Henderson
    This game is so fun! You will enjoy it to the fullest! Believe me what I tell you! My code is GDfhf6GNHL , put that code in the beginning of the game and you'll get some cool stuff!
  9. I want to make a report.
    Cayla Wilson
    Every time I read the story, it freezes in my face then i have to turn my phone screen off then turn it back. If this hapeens to you, just do WHAT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I love this game
    Grace Bellorini
    It's really good and the story is clever and overall I really love this game. The only thing I don't like is the enemy checkpoints because they are really hard and also I don't know how to get coin I can only get Zeni can someone help me??
  11. Good game,slow progress ic: PCfJKpa4es
    Leah J
    I enjoy the game though it's slow on restoration please use my invite code: PCfJKpa4es and it will give you some free stuff.
  12. Some grammatical errors, but well made
    There are some grammatical errors that really disengaged me from the story, otherwise, it is a fun and light read. Multiple characters with diverse personality is a huge plus. The wait does suck... is there a paid version so I don't have to wait?
  13. Ryan Smith
    Slow-paced, requiring a fair amount of patience to play due to its stop-and-start game design, but possessed of fun characters and considerable charm. Good introduction to tablet-based otome games.
  14. KQ4KhYt4LE
    Blah Bleh
    I downloaded this app and I love it! Yes you have to wait a bit but its worth it! Use my invitation code please n.n great characters!
  15. Shall we date
    kathleen blair
    At times the things I read were so funny that I couldn't help but laugh
  16. Loving it!
    Siti Nuradilah
    Feel free to use invite code: GqpxiEQWJ0 I am addicted to the game. Variety of characters, variety of personalities, different and interesting storylines. I have only recently started so only finished 1 main ending so far. In the beginning it was hard to be waiting for 4 hours for 1 energy. But somehow i am used to the trend and keep on playing the games. Aiming to gather as many pictures for the album as i can. Treating it like a hobby ^_^
  17. Great but...
    Karissa Haines
    I hate having to wait FOUR hours to get ONE energy. You should make it like 30 minutes or something like that.
  18. I LOVE IT....
    Melissa Lopez
    Honestly, I feel like this is my own little drama series and am leading this girl to the love of her life and it's so awesome so see the plot twists you guys stored, nice one. Problem, it's been saying all day that it's been under maintenance and I don't know how to fix it or possibly speeded up the process. Please help I need my Mizuki.
  19. Typos & story tickets
    Elle Harrett
    Theres ALOT of typos and words that dont even exist while your reading this story. It gets annoying... Like whoever wrote this story would say "Its too bad you gots no story tickets" or "you has to get more rice cak" (I didnt misspell those words on accident). + The story tickets take FOUR hours for ONE story ticket to be restored. One ticket only covers about 3 minutes worth reading. Its like, why not wait a week to FINISH A CHAPTER!!! The chapters are REALLY short btw. Fix all of this= 5 stars.
  20. Soo awesome!!!!!!
    Rhea Couer
    I can not stop playing this game, I feel like I am actually falling in love with Hanzo, I get so exited when he holds me close and tells me not to leave his side, he reminds me so much of my boyfriend. April 5: I have been experienceing some glitches due to the yesterday's favorite ninja. If you could fix it please. ☺


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