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  1. I have been…
    Trinity Miller
    Playing for about three months now and this has never happened before. I can no long buy anything or accept my daily logins which means I have been stuck on a checkpoint that I could have passed for two days. Also why so we get such short snippets of he story but have to wait 4 hours? My ID is PFtpXmWT60.
  2. Love love love love
    Maracia Taylor
    Love the shall we date games my only thing is I have to wait until all pass come in and each pass takes 4 hours that 20 hour why NTT solmare corp. Whyyyy :'(
  3. Cool
    Eunice Goh
    The problem is tat the 4 hours we have ro wait for power is ridiculously long. Oh and the story is a bit too short. And the checkpoint sometimes is too hard to pass through. If you guys change all tat, i would give 5 stars.
  4. I LOVE IT!!!! <3<3<3
    Maura M.
    Out of all of the "Shall We Date" series, this has to be one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!!! I absolutely love how the "point of view" is set up!!!The only thing that I don't like [which I'm sure everyone can relate to] is that it takes 4 hours for each pass..... And it USUALLY ends on cliffhanger!!! Like, REALLY!?!?! I can almost hear my self scream "why" in the back of my head. But all in all I still, very much enjoyed it!!!
  5. I wish there was a way for the gree users to transfer their data
    Jessie Gopaulsingh
    I honestly really love this game but I got into it through the gree version but now that the gree version is being cancelled I feel like all my effort has gone to waste. I wish there was a way for the gree users to transfer their data onto ninja love+ or at least get the routes and the cgs they collected. I played 3 routes and was in the middle of Kotaru's i wish i could get them into ninja love+ without all the work of waiting for power and playing the routes all over again
  6. Love this app
    Pang Thao
    Totally love this app but I have a few problems with it, such as : The segments are extreamly short, includining you using your powers to read the next segment and you don't choose anything a lot of the time. Also recovering power is super slow. Anyway love this app and looking forward to finishing all the stories <3
  7. Love it but..
    I've played ninja love for like 3 or 4 years now and i still love it. The only thing that annoys me is that it takes like 2 hours or so to get 1 ticket other than that it's great.
  8. Please use my invitation ID CAJ0scJV68
    Louie Terania
    This app is so fun,aside from the long wait time it's just so fun and addicted. Love it so much!!!
  9. Cool but....
    Grace Lamberson
    I love this game. but, all of the passports we need to go on to the next little segment of this game is rediculous. And even on the spin off storys i dont think that we should need passports to move on from an item checkpoint. Please make it so that we can get more passports in more ways. Also i dont like how short the segments are, they could be a little longer. I think i speak for everyone on this. Until then it shall remain at a 3. My ID is---> BpAb4vMlv6
  10. I love it, but...
    Amanda O'Neill
    It keeps me checking the clock every hour. I can't wait to see what happens next. The only problem is you have to wait 4 hours for 1 energy. Please change it, to like an hour and a half. Use my ID; nHWREZGtq
  11. I love it!!
    Hannah Duckworth
    It makes you feel like your the character my favorite character is sasuke. Did any one else thing Hanzo looked like Sasuke Uchiha?
  12. The energy is regenerating too slow.. :/
    Wisbeam Wong
    8hours wait for less than 10mins?! How apt.. :( I love the storyline, but the wait time is really getting too long, n if its for a chapter, its good enough, but, for a tenth of a chapter without full page reading, c'mon, I m sure u all can do better.. :]
  13. Lovely
    Tiyana Dodd
    I'm enjoying this game quite a lot it only sucks that I have to wait for like 4 hours to gain 1 power -----> please use my invite ID JDeY6ygaNa
  14. Really good game
    Aristedes Royo
    I don't care about the 4 hour energy at less u don't have to wait like in a day just like the Koyonplete :/
  15. I'm wierded out
    Kaylee Amouse
    Don't choose the guy with the blue hair because I am so embarrassed what happened in this story...I ...just don't :'(
  16. Overcharging..c'mon really?
    Simone Steels
    I love the Shall We Date games but there's a few things I really don't like about is how long we have to wait for one energy like really? A lot of people can't afford to spend tons of money on these games to buy energies and passports. You guys are pratically scamming us..And another thing that bothers me is how dumb my character can be, and it's not just this one it's also Destiny Ninja, Ninja Assassin, etc. Please change this game!! I'm tired of waiting months to finish a character :/
  17. It's awesome
    Kaye-Dee Martin
    It's an awesome game but the only problem is the amount of time it takes to recover your power. 4 hours for one power is ridiculous...but I still love this game
  18. Huh
    Mizuki Seragaki
    This game is adorable. But did you notice I think this is the only one where the antagonist has a route and I'm crying because mononoke (hopefully I spelt that right) doesn't have their antagonist a route and that is the best artstyle I have seen. I'll cry later....mmmm I'm playing this game for the 5th time.... oh my I still love it
  19. Ninja Addicted!
    This is the second SWD story I downloaded (First was Wizardess Heart), and I must say that I love this game! I went ahead and downloaded all the other ninja SWD games hahaha. Musashi is my favourite - this man is a beast, but so strong and gentle. Sasuka did start off childish but he says the darnest mature lines. Not a fan of Saito, I generally am put off by Tsunderes (except for Klaus). I have heard great things about Kotaro so looking forward to it. I just wish I learned about the paid versions first as I've already spent money on saving Musashi stories :(
  20. Good game, main story, and spin-offs
    Journey Stewart
    I like this game. I'd say one of the only times it isn't enjoyable is when you are stuck at a check point. Other than that it is a pretty great game


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