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Reviews 20,120

  1. joe padilla
    All this game lets you do is put the throttle up the car doesnt move at all. My 2 y/o son was very disappointed
  2. All 3 kids love it!
    Sarah Prox
    My kids (6 & 2 yrs girls & 4 yr boy) love this app. You can't drive off the course or wreck and you can change cars and views while you are driving. Doesn't take up much room and has no special permissions.
  3. Thank you, an actual game for little kids.
    Christine DeRoss
    I don't know who you are or why you made this game but thank you so much. My 2 1/2 year old loves to play on my phone but ends up crying most of the time because of all the pop ups and moves he can't complete. This game allows him to play a game. I can hear him yelling "Go Go" "Race Race" he loves it. For once someone made a game little ones can really play.
  4. Love it
    Rachel Mieiro
    Joe Padilla you're kid can move his car just pull the lever up got it.
  5. yay! No Adds!!!!!!!
    Izayah Gil
    My 3yr old loooves this game and so do I because there are no annoying adds that pop up and its easy enough for kids to play on their own. It comes with different race tracks, different camera views, speed control, and a selection of cars.
  6. My 2 year old
    Jennifer Matthews
    My 2 1/2 loves this game!!! Finally a game for his age. Thank you for thinking about the younger children
  7. There are ads
    Alissa Fanning
    Not sure why some reviewers claim there aren't ads. There is an ad that just constantly stays open in the upper corner. My toddler does seem to enjoy the game though. He keeps asking to play cars every time he sees my phone.
  8. Susan H
    Susan Harvell
    My 2 year old. grandson loves this game! No ads, YEAH!
  9. Doug Gibson
    Won't even load anymore had to here my son cry because he wanted to play the game and cried and everyone was looking at me like I was mean and would not let him play
  10. Great for waiting rooms
    Tammy Smith
    I got this game to share work young kids while they wait for their parents after church or while sitting in waiting rooms. It keeps them occupied. The fact that they never crash and only rack up points keeps them from getting frustrated with the game. Different scenes and the ability to change speed makes it interesting.
  11. Not worth it
    Dawn Beard
    Not able to collect coins to use to buy new cars. My 3 yr old don't even like this game, he gets bored with it. Needs much more improving!!! Waste of time!
  12. Gillian Campbell
    My granddaughter plays this game, and she said that it got a little bit boring, because all you do is go round the same track! Apart from that,it's a good game.
  13. Love it
    Fahim khan
    Please can you tell what is your son's name by replying me
  14. Awesome game for kids
    Rochelle Holl
    My 4 year old plays this all the time and never gets bored with it. I love that it's never-ending so he can just keep on racing and have fun and not worry about strategy. It's the best free game I've found for kids who love racing cars. Well done!
  15. Awesome
    Ruby Nelson
    This game is fantastic, never ending, beautiful animations. I love it
  16. This sucks
    Josh Thurman
    The graphics suck and there is no challenge at all you just put full speed and you win it is way to easy
  17. Thank you!!!
    Christina Garay
    My son loves this game finally something that works out for the both of us!!
  18. Good
    Joanna Dasent
    It's good but you never ever win the race but good though
  19. Simple, functioning game!
    April Monroe
    Not a lot going on in this game, but it is frustration free for a little kid who just wants to make a car go fast. The fact that it works without endless pop ups is really refreshing. The graphics are nice. There is an ad on screen, but it doesn't interrupt playing.
  20. My kid.
    Josh Runnels
    My three year old loves this game. Makes grocery shopping easier. I recommend this game.


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