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Ruslan Lukashevich | QA Lead - 1C Wireless LLC


Ruslan Lukashevich | Quality Assurance Lead

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  1. Monica Donald
    It's not too bad.. Each level should be harder than the one before. Or earn ways to unlock to next level.
  2. Great waste of time
    Robyn Taylor
    Not too taxing. Pity there's not more boards but like it nontheless.
  3. I enjoy this game
    Norma Barnes
    These are the tiles I know and love. The puzzles are both challenging and easy. You don't know which you will get when you play. This is an app you will enjoy if you like to play this game.
  4. Darlene Darcy
    Enjoying this mahjong. Only thing I would change, to many times need to shuffle. U get one pair THEN SHUFFLE !!!!! Bummer. Other then that, this is the best game out there..:-) :-)
  5. Making II
    Marion Simmons
    I like the game but I would like a score and perhaps the number of moves on the board before you reach the point when you need to shuffle. I really like the way I , II, and III tie together, too.
  6. Good game
    Joan Goggio
    Good way to waste time. Relaxing and easy to distinguish the tiles.
  7. Carol A. Rozanski
    Loves the games as relieved my stress n anxiety..
  8. Great for time wasting and boredom
    Steph Serpa
    Only wish i could rotate my phone and play.
  9. Enjoyed
    Lynda Coleman
    Just wish there was more games. Great for releasing stress. Haven't really tried the timed games, they raises my stress levels lol
  10. Rainy day time
    Belinda-Jane Maciver
    Love this game but it's too easy to loose hours, saved doing the housework though
  11. Great Mahjong Game
    Len Hill
    I like that the games aren't timed and that there is such a variety of games. This is certainly one of the very best Mahjong games I've played. Keeps me entertained for hours. Keep up the good work. Kudos!
  12. I don't know wether is legal but on other games you can do a strategic shuffle before runing out oc options
    Calo Q.
    Should be able to redo puzzles to improve solving times.
  13. Tiles too small
    Adriana Rodriguez
    Majong 1 had the perfect size tiles! I need my glasses! Ouch!
  14. Data input
    Gwendolyn Jones
    Loved the first, the second not much more challenging. But would still tell others to play it for the challenge for time score.
  15. Tracy
    Tracy Crawford
    Mahjong 2 is much more challenging than the first. I am enjoying the game but when I reached the last game it just continued the same one over and over again so I started again from the beginning. In mahjong 1 when you reached the end it said congratulations you completed. So, I am going to go through it one last time. If it continues I will be disappointed.
  16. Wish the tiles were bigger
    Kelly Silveria Chacon
    I love the first game so I downloaded the second one only to find that the tiles are so small it makes it hard to play.
  17. Denise Offor
    Great Game! Colorful easier to find tiles. Wish there was an undo button and a shuffle option before there are no more tile matches.
  18. More please
    Anna Larter
    As with your other Mahjong games, the tiles are easy to see and my mind is stretched the more I advance. Please work on others; maybe themed tile pics like spring, autumn etc.
  19. Looooove it!!
    Jackie Ross
    I love this game its my first on line game and I am having so much f un
  20. Great for concentration
    margaret James
    I like this ! I can only do the regular games now but in time and a couple of Red Bulls I'll play the timed games.


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