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  1. Hard Logic
    Jean Weber
    I have just started and am only on level 8. But it's obvious to me that part of the challenge of this game is the lack of instructions. FIGURING OUT HOW TO SEQUENCE THE MOVES IS A VITAL PART OF THE LOGIC CHALLENGE ! If that part of the logic were explained, the game would loose half its fun. Thank you Developer for such a clever design.
  2. Fantastic game
    bernard tully
    Especially once you have worked out the logic. Took off 2* because of the overly intrusive ads in the last few games and the small number of games you get before you are asked to buy more
  3. Very fun
    TJ Evans
    Once you figure out how to play, the game is very fun.
  4. Awesome
    Andrey Mikhaylov
    I immediately understood the rules and enjoy the game a lot.
  5. How to play
    Cornell Farlin
    A quick description of the objective would be nice.
  6. Cant understand
    Manoj Golla
    Where is the help? How to instantly understand what is this game.
  7. Good game
    Anita Gales
    I love it,its very interesting and challenging like word games.
  8. Excellent concept
    Torbjörn Josefsson
    Very clever, pure game idea. I love the simplicity and style of the execution.
  9. Pretty good
    Chris Fish
    Interesting logic puzzle concept. If you need directions, this game is not for you.
  10. Instructions???
    Bill Hill
    Would it kill the developers of this game to include a few directions?? What the heck does this game even do?
  11. Joel Storey
    The change from free to pay is total crap
  12. Free version expires?
    Adam Gates
    Martheen Cahya Paulo avatar image
    Martheen Cahya Paulo February 22, 2014
    Simple interaction
  13. Great app
    Erica Williams
    Slightly tricky to solve but I guess that's why it's called hard logic, the only improvement that could be made is if an instruction section was to be added
  14. Very challenging!
    Richard X
    I'm currently on level 73 and can't seem to get it. I still haven't used any hints. All the previous ones were relatively easy with the exception of a couple. So far has been very fun and time consuming, keeps me coming back for more.
  15. Nice and simple
    B FNK
    Zachery Delafosse avatar image
    Zachery Delafosse January 31, 2014
    Very applicable self-descriptive name! This is named exactly what you get: a hard logic puzzle game. Definitely not a game for everyone, but if you're like me, this is exactly the kind of game that will riddle your brain and bring you hours of entertainment. As I review it, the free version of this game contains an out-of-the-way ad, but seems to provide you with a plethora of levels with increasing difficulty. If you appreciate the thoughtfulness of the developers, I encourage you to purchase the paid version of this game (only $1 as I write this). I give this android game a thorough five stars. Thanks for the great game, and good luck in the future, One Man Band!
  16. one more game factor.
    Bryce Applebee
    Fun game quick game that you just want to keep on playing. Easyish to learn but a tutorial would be great. Give me that and you get a 5!
  17. Hard Logic indeed
    Artūras Grinkus
    Was looking for a new brain/puzzle game, found just that. Took me a minute to understand what I am supposed to do :)
  18. Hard is a good description
    Brian Cotter
    Great difficulty, love the puzzles. I WILL get to 80
  19. Simplicity at its best!
    Arun Kumar
    Downloaded this game after I came across this on reddit, and was amazed such a simple and effective design. Also love the fact that the designer respects the intelligence of the player by not including hand holding tutorials. Best surprise find till date for me!
  20. Great logic game
    James Ball
    Love that you have to figure out the movements and rules. Up to level 19 so far.


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-Fixed some bugs
-Hint is available until you continue to use it


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