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  1. Missing lots of apps, and lots don't work
    Sam Cox
    I understand that not every app I use will have one, but there's a lot of very popular apps without icons, and there's been no updates and no way to request any new ones. Even worse, many apps there is icons for, like Badlands, don't show, including the stock calculator, calendar, camera, contacts, gallery, internet, mail, messages, and phone. It's a HTC phone, but its not listed as unsupported. Love the look, but will be using a different app until, at the least, the icons it does has start to work.
  2. If you seek perfection your search is over!
    Provides a simple AND modern look to any phone. Hands down the best free icon pack in the Play Store. And it's better than 99% of the premium packs as well. I am constantly tweaking the overall look and style of my Moto G. That usually means switching icon packs on a weekly(sometimes daily)basis. You can't possibly go wrong when you have this many different icon options/combinations avaible. This may very well be the last icon pack I'll ever install. Thank You and how can I donate?
  3. Good pack, needs a small update
    Ken B
    I love the icons. They fit for a stormtrooper theme perfectly. I have two issues: PS Touch and tTorrent Pro do not automatically assign. Could you add Square Register to this pack? Thanks, Dev, because my photo-fu is terrible and I can't make icons like this. Thank you for making the icon pack free, as well.
  4. A Slam Dunk!
    Bill Hutchison
    Easy to give this set a 5-star rating. White goes with just about every setup and this one is exceptional. Super job by a top notch developer.
  5. Free-grand-amaze-spectac-tubular.
    Mark Goble
    A word I just made up for this icon pack. Deal with it.
  6. Amazing!
    Surinder Ubhi
    Great icon pack, to all out there complaining, this is just a free icon pack so it has the best s free icon pack has to offer, if you really want like 99% of the popular icons, buy his super cool ones and support him for his great work :)
  7. Clean. Stylish. And best of all, FREE!
    Phebe Tran
    Takes a while to load 2000+ icons when I choose to customise, but I can't complain. I'm with the others, this is hands down THE BEST simple black and white icon pack out there! I'll definitely be using these for a long time yet.
  8. Awesome. Needs Update.
    Drew Uy
    Great to see a free icon pack but some apps that are shown in the icon pack is not skinning the original icon, just masking. I guess some names need to be updated? Using COS12 theme engine. e.g. Uber, Google Calendar, Google Fit, Snapseed, WeChat, Path and other staple apps just mask. I checked in the icon pack app and they were there, just not applying, I guess? Otherwise, awesome collection.
  9. Beautiful!
    Patti Bills
    I love it when I find a unique design which is next to impossible these days. Thanks for such an awesome pack.
  10. WOW
    Reinhard Bauer
    Never seen so many icons!! To many to choose from. Great app
  11. Wait what?? This is free??
    Samik Guha
    Hard to believe this is a free pack, awesome set of collection, thanx dev
  12. WOW
    Ian Brown
    Simply wow, been searching for weeks for a good replacement.
  13. 2,000+ya right
    Dave333 David bartoul
    I'm lucky if I have 300,yhis is deleted as of now.
  14. Freaking awesome.
    Kyle Olsen
    This pack is literally the best free one out there. Still missing slick deals though.
  15. Great white icon pack
    Patrick Hafner
    Awesome look + no cost = great icon pack
  16. Greatttt!
    J. Huggins
    I love the new glyph style icons and are badas#!
  17. Easy 5 stars
    NiklasRage aka DaveMFP
    Best white icon pack I've ever seen/used. I really enjoy these a lot
  18. Hector Bosso
    Shouldnt be free.. Best icon pack out there
  19. Excellent!
    Fakun amish udhav
    But how do I get the clock widget?
  20. Great icons!
    Barb D
    5 star easy! Whites fit everything! Thank you