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шахматы обучение
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شطرنج 2016
شطرنج بدون نت
ضربة المعلم


Reviews 37,382

  1. Poor game
    Kehinde Odeniyi
    The graphics represents the Queen with a cross on its head instead of t king and worst of all, the computer said "check" when my king wasn't under threat. I ended the game immediately and in installed the app.
  2. Unfair Advantages
    Emily Esbri
    This seems like it would have been a good game but sometimes the computer has unfair advantages, one time it had two queens, and sometimes it won't let you move your pieces into any spot other than the one that will get your piece taken.
  3. Shawn
    shawn powers
    I like this chess app alot computer may seem to be able to counter your ever move but it can be deceived just like a player on a board , with that said great chess to all who love the gane whether it be this app or another
  4. Love it
    Andrew Cole
    Both me & son love this app. Not perfect of course but if you want to play chess on your phone... Good enough.
  5. Pretty good
    Candace Kruse-Makowski
    I do like the game. I did not encounter the problems others had. However while my dad and I were playing the game it shut down and asked for this review. Boo hoo. I was just about to win.
  6. Best chess game ever
    I have never played such a great chess game in my life! Very fun and is good for all ages and levels because you can change the difficulty to match you perfectly!
  7. Too small to see options at end of game
    TJ Smith
    Once the game is finish, the three tabs in center of window are very miniature, can't see them, please fix. I am using Samsung S6 edge 5.0.2 OS.
  8. Too easy
    Kevin Coulombe
    The AI is not strong enough. I am a decent chess player, but I am nowhere near master level and I have not competed in years. Yet, I managed to draw my first game with this app at the hardest difficulty settings without putting much effort into it.
  9. alright game
    Ashish Agrawal
    graphics get stuck on oneplus one phone. worked excellent on iphone4. game in itself is fine though, no nonsense no graphics... just chess
  10. Brooke Boland
    It would have been a five star game if it didn't have that dodgy 'all in favour of the AI' draw by stalemate when you are clearly no more than three moves away from beating the AI and getting your coveted Checkmate. On the other hand, it will take its sweet time to crush your king with no stalemate or anything. The AI is a sore winner and a terrible loser.
  11. Good, but optimised for tablet
    Lee McIvor
    Good app. I use it on my iPad too, but the pieces are just scaled down for the phone so even on my Galaxy S3 their a bit tricky to select.
  12. Great App, Ads beyond distracting
    Boris Zelkin
    I don't mind ads. But for this app during the middle of the game I get taken to the App store without actually having clicked on the ad. Possible pop-under ads. Very distracting. The chess is great, the engine is fine.
  13. Great!
    Mark Jermy
    Easy to use - and starts up really quickly to provide enjoyable game. One of the best apps I've come across.
  14. Programming mistakes
    Jose luis Sambo
    It needs to improve more in programming so tht you will overcome some fatal mistakes in chess. I hade twice chackmate where was not, and I had two pieces of elements like queen at same time. So just hve a look on those aspects.
  15. Blah
    Elyssa McCaffity
    Its horrible and retarded and unfair I got 3 checkmates and my opponent got none but them it said he won and did I tell you that the graphics are horrible instead of me giving it one star I should have gave it none because that is what it disserves usually I love chess but not when I use this app ugh its a disgrace!!!this app is a piece of caca lol
  16. Good but has an annoying bug.
    Matthew McNulty
    Great in almost every way. One bug that keeps annoying me is that if you are promoting a pawn, if you press outside the selection menu, the menu goes away and the game freezes. Other than that, really great. But I've wasted several good games that way... :-(
  17. Has bugs but ok
    Trevor Gross
    This game is totally ignorant of the fact that draws exist. The 50 moved rule did nothing in the game and neither did an actual stalemate when the computer couldn't checkmate my king alone (probably because it chose to promote two pawns to bishops covering the same color.) Otherwise pretty good app
  18. Nice
    Riddhi Kapadia
    It's a nice and good game but it shows draw game whenever I kill their ponds,bishops, Knights, rooks and their queen
  19. Great chess app
    Md Amzari bin Md Zhahir
    Good AI engine. I hate the fact that a software beats me frequently. All in all, I am satisfied.
  20. Longer time controls please
    Gurcan Uckardes
    Engine not bad but needs option to disable pondering. Also more clock settings, esp 60 sec/move and 60 min/game. And why not longer ones like 90 and 180 too?


What`s new

-Updated graphics and layouts for high-resolution phones and tablets
-Fixed issue that was causing periodic crashes in v1.40