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  1. NICE
    Eddie Borrero
    Another great App from ORT Software guys. Thanks. A for you.
  2. tony hopo
    Very good lets you win love the way the hints help
  3. ♥LOVE♥
    Denise Serino
    This game is awesome. If you like Scrabble or Words With Friends you will like this game. I myself love this game. Its very enjoyable very addicting. Try it you'll see.
  4. Misleading description
    ari ban
    You have to buy full version to change levels, boards etc. This app has the least features of any similar Free app I've tried.
  5. Crosscraze
    Margaret Hunt
    Have deleted my first submission because in the last few games were definitely biased towards the computer....more than 3 turns and only full set of consonants each time, go for swap and get same letters replaced by the same can that be fair? Very disappointed. Sort it out!
  6. I'm addicted
    Steven Green
    I'm finding that I'm letting my coffee go cold, missing the end of TV shows and going to bed too late. The free version is set at a comfortable but stretching level. Love it. Question though: if you accidentally validate a wrong word, will it affect later games; i.e. does it update a dictionary and if so, can you remove the word?
  7. Excellent
    Betsan Blacklock
    Much prefer to play against the AI. Have played it now for several months, and I don't plan on stopping. Thank you for a really simple but challenging game.
  8. Useless game.
    Rads Lobo
    The human gets only vowels to make words from while the android gets a whole lot of consonants and vowels. This is cheating and frustrating.
  9. My opinion
    Sandra Bagwell
    I enjoy this game very much , except for the inability to change boards because I am unable to buy it. Otherwise, I like it fine. Word games are my favorite. Always got an A in English.
  10. Carletta
    Carletta Malabre
    It gave me a challenge. I would really recommend this game. Totally
  11. Marty Taylor
    I installed this app as a booster to help my youngin with spelling. When you can override and put any ridiculous combination of letters it is no benefit. Uninstalling!!
  12. Cross craze, classic word game.
    Merline Odisla
    A fantastic word game. I even beaten the computer. Wow I'm so proud of myself. A brilliant mine exerciser.
  13. Much better than CLASSIC WORDS SOLO
    Sam Ferdinand
    I don't understand why people complain about this game -- it is well made, good looking, functional etc. Even the option of adding or disallowing words yourself.
  14. Fiddly scrabble
    Tim Williams
    It's okay but very fiddly, requiring each tile to be accurately lined up or rejected. The visual format is pleasing, but I prefer Classic Word Solo where the tiles can be virtually chucked onto the board. Call me a slob but....okay, I'm a slob. And a big thank you to the developers for replying.
  15. Crosscraze
    Dawn Roberts
    Enjoy this game immensely I like to beat the computer I am addicted to this and beat the computer time after time although it does cheat occasionally using unreal words.still great thanks.
  16. Crosscraze
    Katalina Klavin
    This is the closest to real scrabble I have found. Love it!
  17. Cross craze
    sandy allen
    Fun and fast. Easy to beat computer.
  18. Crosscraze
    Sarah Reding
    Really good game. Shame you have to go pro tho to get all the game has to offer.
  19. Lovely!
    tamar aviyah
    Keeps me smiling and longing for more even as I lose. Thanks. :-)
  20. Addictive
    Dee Daly
    Good game. Really enjoy playing against the computer. Lots if gun.


What`s new

◆ Updated to '2020' French word list.
◆ Now requires Android 5 or later (PRO version's minimum is still 4.0.4).
◆ Improvements and fixes.

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