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Monthly active users estimation: 51000000


Sighiartau Paul-Timotei | Grafic designer, level designer .

Cluj County, Romania |

Ovidiu Pop | Chief Executive Officer

Mihai Lungu | Level Designer - Programmer

Reviews 1,449,348

  1. Loading time too long for my Mobil ...
    Venkatesan Viswanathan
    I have galaxy s advance... For my Mobil its taking too long time to load the game .some time it close automatically ..
  2. Ariaa Delacour
    This game's great for men and boys. But for me ,when I use to drive by tilt my device, it is swerve suddenly.. I just get crazy when play. .. but anyway I think maybe it is the most awesome game in bus category
  3. Why not include cruise control
    jack dolby
    It would be better if cruise control was added to the game as it would then not require me to speed up and slow down every 5 seconds just because of a car in front of me
  4. Good game, compulsory rating
    Aditya V
    Like the game, but always wants to link it to ur Google or fb profile. Rating it after a few times of play is mandatory as it won't allow u to continue otherwise. Pretty childish, nice game though
  5. Awsome
    Rodolfo Arzaga
    I love the way the buses look so real and it super fun to play. But I had to take 1 star away because although his is a minor concern the gravies of the people re horrible pls fix in an update
  6. Personally I love it.
    Some of the things I don't like about it is how if your driving and pause the game , the bus stalls and has to stop. Another thing, the traffic lights change too quickly. Another thing, it shouldn't count as a mistake when your driving correctly and another vehicle hits you. Lastly, the very sharp turn on the Alaska map , should be either widened or taken away because 9 out of 10 times another car with come in front of me or in front and behind me causing me to get stuck. Overall its a good game.
  7. Can't play
    Joseph Sullender
    An ad for train simulator pops up and I can't take it down. Havnt even gotten to the menu. Needs to be fixed
  8. So much room for improvements
    Rez Rahman
    There are a lot of improvements required on this game, for instance, the bus stalls when it has no reason to. The break and crush sound is absolutely horrendous. You get penalised for being hit from the back. Most importantly, you can finish the maps in few days and either have to repeat old maps or not play.
  9. A good enough game at it's size
    A game that won't make you an addict, but decent enough to come at times! Moderate graphics n like the stering mode of driving..
  10. Syeda Quratulain
    Not five stars because there are no more levels to play...its still more maps are coming soon! Otherwise it was my favourite im feeling bad to uninstall it
  11. Jayaram Dg
    I have given only four stars becoz so many ads disturb me while I m playing the game.......but the game is little bit difficult but after some practice,the game will become easy for me.......I just love the game
  12. A -ma-zing
    Stephen Robson
    This game is so addicted, once your on you won't get off
  13. Love it
    Ben Wilson
    Nice game to play but when you drive it in manual it crash the game so please fix then I will 5 star it when it's fixed property
  14. Bus simulator is awesome game for those who love driving
    Santosh Shinde
    But we want one more mountain road in this came very difficult road
  15. Great game
    Adam Reynolds
    Wonderful game. I have finished Highway and am now waiting for new maps. I would recommend this game. Only thing that's needs to be fixed is more levels being added
  16. Nitin Nitinn
    Since long time im playing highway map,want to discover new maps but its not updating,telling more to come,please fix
  17. Suman Jain
    I am not able to use manual shift in the games when ever I change from 1 to 2 it closes the games ...fix it and will give full 5 stars
  18. Good time killer.
    Larisa Marion Hodgson
    I play this while I'm on the bus to heading barn. Haha. Its kinda tricky to play while in a vehicle, because when the vehicle turns the bus in the game turns. This app is so great!!! Someone needs to make a good horse simulator.
  19. Graphics problem
    Srikanth Bannigolkr
    Due to graphics problem we need to get negative points, ex, long vehicles will turn automatically at traffic signal which they will dash our bus automatically, and improve handling in bus... At last but not least Improve bus starting pickup....
  20. Bus sim 15
    Laurie Bryce
    Not the best app ever but it would be better if you got coins to unlock the other buses.


What`s new

-Added 2 new maps (Washington and Rio de Janeiro)
-Added 3 new Buses