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Reviews 1,224,140

  1. CHEAP
    Lisa Tully
    Doesn't pay out good! When spinning the bonus wheel it always gives 1 as the multiplier than skips the higher amount to the lower amount as your bonus to collect. You can't play fir very long and I refuse to pay out money when you can't win! !!!!
  2. Rip off payouts
    Brooklyn Oakley
    This game no matter what slot your playing goes into total freefall taking all your credits ,even if you hit it big in a bonus...don't expect credits to last ... graphics are cool but looking cool losing doesn't cut it
  3. House of not much fun
    Laurie Russell
    2 weeks of effort to build my coin bank up to 400,000 only to have it drained away in less than 2 days. And I still won't purchase coins, EVER!
  4. Fun
    christie shaw
    Things have gotten much better, im leveling up faster and im actually able to get the features its great
  5. Not to bad
    Fred Woodruff IV
    I like this game its very entertaining I just wish they had some sort of way that you were able to make free coins i instead of having to wait for your bonus coins and what not then this game would be soooo much better cuz I hate losing all my coins thens having to wait forever just to get more it sucks!!! Then I'd rate it 5 stars but because of that its only 4
  6. Nalinli Fry
    Very entertaining ...however I started out with 78,000 & ended with little more than $1000.betting no lower than 250. Not 1 big win it just sucked my credits up. Doesn't seem fair.I enjoy playing but you should allow atleast1 big win per session..
  7. Disappointed
    Jennifer taggart
    I have been playing this game for a long time. And in the last 6 months, pay outs are horrible. I love the slots, I love the games. I have bought packages but it seems as soon as I buy them, pay outs get worse. The regular real casino near me pays better than this game. I'm really bummed. I will probably uninstall this game pretty soon. Sigh
  8. Dennis W. Finley Sr.
    Used to love this game (app) but; they have gone to the dogs! Back about 2 months ago a million, four hundred thousand chips mysteriously disappeared and I lost a slew of games I was able to play and their answer; "We checked out your play which was normal and several different wagers, nothing out of the ordinary showed up so we would suggest you contact the Google Play site you purchased your coins from." Like, Duh! That was weeks prior; I guess they thought they repossessed them or something, NOT!! BAH!!
  9. All games
    kimberley comans
    Why would I want to buy more chips the one I just bougth went in less than 5 minutes without giving me a bonus games stink and so is you dayly bonus ...better games on the computer that let u play awhile play ! No pay thinking of deleting ...dont need greedy games like this taking up space ..disgusting..
  10. Asa Wright
    House of Fun is awesome!! I play for hours and it's never boring. I have deleted all other slot games and only play this one!! Kitty Gems is my favorite!
  11. House of Fun
    Deborah Tranter
    Fun game but you never win money goes very quickly doesn't matter how much you bet and you always need to buy more! Better off not playing and go to another casino game.
  12. Fun to play
    Catrina Harrison
    Love the animations and everything. I agree I don't understand some of the reviews. I get daily bonuses and big wins also, maybe not all the time but does anyone always win big when gambling
  13. Cool Slots, Facebook Issues
    William Pfaff
    App freezes everytime when trying to connect w/Facebook. $160 Bonus Credits every 2hrs makes me not want to play. Fix these issues promptly or you will find users uninstalling this app. Seriously, can't even award coins for LIKE & SHARE different games on Facebook! Fix these SERIOUS BUGS!! Please Apply my coins IMMEDIATELY HofFun!!
  14. Good Game
    Renea Richardson
    The only thing that I don't like is the fact that my bonus spin never stops over 6,000. I have purchased coins to play numerous times and I think that I should get a higher bonus at least once. Maybe 350,000. Other than that, the game is really great.
  15. This app is great, BUT...
    Stephanie May-Taylor
    I love this app. Its my favorite. BUT... Bonuses suck. Payouts are not great, and if you do hit a big win, ALL your money is stripped away from you VERY quickly. Some changes definitely need to be made, and then I would give this app 5 stars
  16. This casino sucks!!! Big time!!!
    jen b
    They only start ya with like $1500 n then they make the minimum $100 per spin...NOT much fun...especially if it won't hit anything!!!
  17. Straight garbage
    David Winget
    Liars....doesn't give you the 1000 coins for logging on Facebook, no 500 coins for email, no 500 coins for rating, don't know what the hell the Wall is, no video. Don't install this app its all straight bullshit. Like I said, its garbage.
  18. Wanna feel like you in Vegas
    V Hall
    This game is a great way to have fun on sum free down time u should try it
  19. Down under gold ...
    Dorothy Morris
    Today is June 20, I've been playing this game for a while now , I've spent money on coins, and the minute I get enough money to bet bigger, it takes it so fast , I was at six figures playing , I went down to 5000 points. ..and the whole time I played ,I never got any free play ..that is a Dam shame ....people beware ..this game will surely take your money ....I will never spend another penny on this game , I now realize that these games we play are all fixed .....
  20. I love it but hate it
    Will Henry
    I'm addict to this game but hate that after a certain lvl that you reach you don't win anything anymore..... I spent money in it and still don't win anything


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