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  1. Wtf :'(
    Taher Esufali
    I can't see my save anymore but I still have Google+ achievements.. Wtf pls recover my account!!! No, I didn't use cloud, but that's not the point, it shouldn't be my responsibility, to stop saves randomly disappearing
  2. Disappointed
    Mitchell Boice
    The first one was so awesome and epic I couldn't wait for them to make another one now that is out it is just disappointing feels rushed and incomplete not enough stuff in it. need more classes characters gear
  3. Good, however it misses the orig ideas
    Matthew Nelson
    Great series, poor execution of the sequel. Micro transactions are useless now that the market is flooded with them, people are better inclined to purchase a good game without the restrictions of micro transactions. The first game had lots of content and unlocks, but the sequel keeps a player from progressing with poor mechanics and I gotcha pay up moments. I'd recommend the first game to new comers.
  4. Nothing like the first
    taylor collore
    Everything is about microtransactions. You will never have enough gold for anything and their dice roll algorithm is pathetic. 9/10 you will miss on your rolls. It is sad they took the greed route with the first being so well done.
  5. Disappointed
    Sebastian Czochrowski
    Felt very excited after awesome 1st part of this game and looked very forward to the sequel. After all it turned out to be incomplete: campaing is too short, not that funny, not too many items and gear, classes etc. I.e. They added some content (different combat, crafting) and removed much other stuff at the same time. It is visible that other studio is responsible for this part. Needs more work on it in order to keep up with the prequel. There is even no campaing+ mode.
  6. Half a Game
    Matthew Steward
    Charms (in game) don't even exist. No magazine updates. Less gear. Can't replay, so not enough gold (have to buy). Crafting recipes are slim. Endgame is a huge letdown. At 100% completion after a week with nothing to do but farm slim amounts of gold.
  7. Great value for money
    Richard Blake
    The game was great fun and with the new end game content I definitely got value for money out of the game. My small gripe is that if you want to try out all the classes and combinations etc you need to either start a second game or grind a ridiculous number of fights to get your new characters to catch up
  8. Nicely done but not as good as the first
    Jazz Chicken
    I liked the new story, the new creatures and the graphics. Feel of play was just right. What was a downer though was when you kill Fifi the end of adventure boss, who is hard as hell, you get no reward at all. You cant change the dungeon master and there are 5 slots for each item in the game room yet you only have a choice of 1 or 2. There are no quirky characters to join ur team and classes seem very generic. Very good game but I prefer the first one
  9. On dear.
    Jonathan Greetham
    Was really looking forward to KoP&P2 but this was a let down. Ran fine for me, no bugs at all but so little content. Felt as it was realised in a rush. What there was was good though.
  10. I loved it.
    Samuel Scott
    I think it's just as fun as the first. Absolutely great games. Keep it up Paradox, this is without a doubt one of my favorite game series. Thank you so much for creating it.
  11. Evan wittman
    You'd figure the magazine release of the first of the month of release would mean a new patch once a month to at least release new content... Which would have been amazing.
  12. :(
    David L
    Used to love this game but i cant acces to my saved game anymore dont feel like starting new game from scratch again
  13. Meh...
    Andrew Worth
    It's OKAY but other than the graphics improvement is a lazy sequel. The races addition is meh. The choices of classes are less than the last. The enemies are meh. The dungeon improvement is really awesome but is short lived. There are a few of them near the beginning then they cease to exist. Game is shorter. This game would get three stars but it will get two because if how good the last one was. This game is just lazy and the only justification to buy it is the hopes they use my purchase for improvements
  14. Sigh
    John Lacaba
    Cool, nice little update but it isn't a game changer. This game reminds me of Destiny. SO much anticipation but when released so little content. Then more content was released over time, which upset me making me quit for a while.
  15. Nothing much after end game
    Gavin Goh
    Finished playing just need to grind to defeat new content boss. Item are boring compare to the first one, craft item are only so so and can't be upgrade to become better. Weapon crit debuff don't upgrade when item become +3. Unable to sell useless rare that got from investigation. Something feel wrong with the threat system my hunter have 20% chance to get hit while my warrior have 50%+ my hunter keep getting hit 5-7 time in a row quite often. I know some mob ignore threat.
  16. Okay...
    Ravin Robert
    Good but lazy attempt at a sequel. I feel it has less content then the first.
  17. Even better than+1 edition!
    Ben Mullins
    It's hard to imagine, but the second kopap is even better than the first one! A must buy for sure!
  18. Yay!
    Da Mi
    Can play update! First pen and paper still better...still fu though, but short
  19. Twice my saves disappear
    Kimberley Jayes
    Cloud saves and local saves wiped now twice, having played the game almost to completion (past the story) the second time. Not amused.
  20. Hoping there will be expansions...
    Jonathan Lay
    This game is fun and I do like the mechanics better than the first one. But it's much shorter and seems to have lost some of the silly charm the first game had. Hopefully expansions will take care of these shortcomings.


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