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Reviews 25,537

  1. Gail Emanuel
    It has sometimes doesn't let me finish the whole game. Keeps popping back to solitare or ball shot, kinda frustrating. Do luv playing it though.
  2. This app
    David Sadder
    Will be deleted bc it's no fun bc all u do is collect coins. No one ever wins real cash iv been playing for a week r to and not even a $1 so y'all enjoy
  3. Erin Sable
    Enjoy the games!!! I had to give a 4 because I keep trying to complete my registration and it brings up wite box with the word home in the top right corner... it will not do anything just press x then can't go any further forward on mission... please help me fix this and I give it a 4.5 hate the ads but understand that this is how it works
  4. It tells me internet connection is lost
    Nathaniel Damon
    I just installed it, and says internet connection is lost, please try again. Please fix this issue. And I will rate 5 stars.
  5. Sherrie Dobrski
    I have been playing this game for almost a year with little to no problems! But now I can't play any game without it telling me their is some sort of error code every time I try to play or please enjoy our new featured app and doesn't give me an option to say no, only just "continue" and it takes me to my Google play store! Please fix this so I can continue to play! Thank you!
  6. I like the games but error messages are abundant
    Amber Lamb
    Some of the games are fun - most are just lotto pick your number and scratch off type games but a few are really fun. I am willing to do the litto types if I really can win money. Biggest problem I have, I repeatedly keep getting a "technical difficulties" error message from the app not. My phone isn't closing it out, but the app isn't taking my games or wins fairly often. To the point that I quit playing for a few days - then my 3rd game in today, it did it again. Very frustrating!!!
  7. Smh not cool
    Jesus Hernandez
    This game was a waist of my data was very upset I downloaded this app was excited just to be shot down every time I click a game it shuts down I haven't even got to play one =(
  8. A little problem
    Nicole Grimes
    I just downloaded this game and went to sign up with my email and password, unfortunately the app states that my email is already in the system. I understand that someone else could very well have the same exact email.. Even with all the caps, numbers, and a single lower case letter.. Is there anything I can do besides make a whole new email?
  9. Shutting down
    champagne is sexy
    Hi the PChplay and win keeps shutting down once I'm in playing to win it doesn't make me finish I have to keep going back in can you please fix the problem thank u I will rate better once it's fix thanks.
  10. Revae Lindsey
    Upset with the new update. I use the app to get the bonus games, it had "technical difficulties" and I lost out on 3 of them today. I love PCH but I'm not going to use this app if I'm cheated out of the bonus games.
  11. App closes for no reason
    Kristy Retchko
    Every time I open the app it closes. I tried all the tips listed on the other reviews and uninstalled 3 times and still nothing. Please help me fix this this because I'd really like to use it!
  12. PCH Search & Win
    Donna McCoy
    Go for the gusto install this appointment and pack your entries in for a chance to win the biggest sweepstakes ever and other awesome prizes -I rate this appointment a Ten Absolutely Astonishing ☺ Amazing ☺ Game To Play ☺ Lots of Exciting Ways To Win ☺ Quick Pick Or Choose Your Lotto Numbers Check Your Email The Next Day To See If You Won
  13. Very good Game
    Steven Fettig
    This game is very addicting . The only problem I have is whenever I unlock a bonus game it says there is a technical difficulty and I never actually get to play the bonus game. I still think you deserve 5 stars. Very clever game.
  14. Hate it
    Sugarmama Day
    It give me a hard time to log in its saying password issues ok change it got to log in just for it to stop unfortunately now all I get is a blue screen I'm going to uninstall this app it a waste of memory space GOOD luck to thoes who it work for but for my mega it's a waste of memory
  15. To many crashes
    KC Lyons
    I continue to get "Technical Issue" messages throughout the game almost everyday. I try to contact customer service, and I never seem to get anything thing resolved. I had to completely give up on contacting them to get the issues I have with the app.
  16. Would love to play in the app
    Wendie Massengill
    Downloaded update with no problems but the app closes on me at random. I never know how long I will have to play if at all. My husband has same problems. Even tried on WiFi and same problem.
  17. Fix bugs!
    Randi Seepersad
    There are lots of problems with the bonus entry games and with game glitching. It will not let me out of the tri peaks solitare and i hate it. Fix and i will install.
  18. Not quite sure
    Gary Moen
    I have downloaded 4 featured apps, not gotten credit for them and then one of them starts screw ing with my data, that has cost me 2 bonus games/ internet connection lost. Please fix.
  19. Trouble updated now won't work
    Abbey Gingrich
    I just lost first place because this is app wont work . Didnt give me. My tokens and basket ball game wont work and finally quite playing..
  20. Please fix
    Lynnette Witcher
    Doesn't detect my Internet connection even though I am sitting right by my router and my device shows that I am connected


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