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Brian Iannone | Chief Technology Officer at Pixelbite Media

Greater Los Angeles Area |

René Højstrand | Senior Programmer at Pixelbite AB

Helsingborg, Sverige |

Caroline Tinebo | Community Manager på Pixelbite AB

Helsingborg, Sverige |

Fredrik Alfredsson | Lead artist at Pixelbite Games

Ängelholm, Sverige |

Reviews 18,680

  1. Step back to the classic game
    Peter Barratt
    I am a big fan of the reckless racing games. The first was my favourite game and I took a while to appreciate version 2. It seemed more refined than reckless ;-) version 3 is back to the greatness of the first game and even includes the original tracks. I will be playing this for a long time to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you, pixelbite people, you are stars! For the future any chance of damage mode and bringing in the upgrades from version 2?
  2. Fun for a bit....
    D Gards
    Gets very boring and repetitive after a while. Please add better vehicle customization and multiplayer. Also delivery missions was a great thing that was taken away
  3. Great fun!
    David James
    Enjoayble racing. Nice graphics. Not as good as Reckless 2 in some ways, such as car upgrades, but some fun new modes. Worth it.
  4. Great fun!
    Josh Prymak
    This game provides some decent challenges and a nice variety from racing to drifting. Graphics are good and the sound is enjoyable. Could use more cars and more customizable options, but a good game you can quickly pick up and play!
  5. Just awesome
    David Barry
    Pixelbite have done it again, awesome graphics with such a high level of detail, handling has just the right amount of difficulty yet enjoyable. Highly recommended, especially if played with a controller.
  6. Great game
    Hendra Gunawan
    Nice smooth game, fun, outstanding graphics. I loved it, even though I had to pay it, cheers....
  7. Thanks for getting play games sync working!
    Shane Menshik
    Works great across all our nvidia shieldtv boxes and nexus tablets!
  8. One of those for pure fun
    Jose Commins
    Runs great on nVidia Shield and has controller support - ticks all the boxes ☺
  9. Why No Tilt steering?
    Daniel Padilla
    Why no tilt steering like all the others? Would be great...
  10. Great, satisfying, arcade racing experience.... 5*****+++
    Phawantee Gilmour
    Title says it all...just plain'ole'fun.... Thanks for the amazing racing series.. Patiently awaiting RR4...5...6.... Ha-ha...keeep’m coming!!!
  11. Xperia Z2
    Levi Smith
    Epic game, love the gameplay and graphics!
  12. Thank you
    Din Johnson
    Thanks for fixing the crash at startup, but it now crashes when I start my career races. Please help I LOVE THIS GAME. I can't love it if I can't play it
  13. Darshan Ford-Young
    Amazing game, good cars & very easy to get money
  14. Great Game!
    James Spaeth
    Super fun! No issues! The r/c view is fun.
  15. Great graphics, great game.
    David Rankin
    One of the best racing games out there. I play it all the time.
  16. Fun game but needs Multiplayer!
    Salar Sadri
    I bought this game to play on my Nvidia Shield Pro. Works perfect,, graphics look amazing but no 2nd controller multiplayer option? An update with that would make this game 5 stars.
  17. Why the heck is there no customizing the cars?!?!
    Garrison LeBray
    1 star and refunding this crap due to lack of features. Add customization for the cars like in the previous games and I'll gladly pay & play.
  18. sean woodard
    Can't download and can't refund, hate it.
  19. OK but not as good as 2
    phil glister
    Can't make payment for coins says check your Internet connection! Which is fine so hard lines yo lose revenue. What happened to upgrading your car?
  20. Pretty... pretty bad
    Aaron Daugherty
    Game costs money, which is good, except it also has in app purchases which seems nonsensically greedy to me. Compounding this, the career mode is too difficult to succeed at because none of the cars can be upgraded and their control is heinously bad. I suppose this is part of the push to get players to spend more money. It looks pretty though.


What`s new

* Fixed a launch crash affecting some Huawei devices.