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Harold Quillet | CFO Europe at Asmodee Group

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Michael Gonçalves | Responsable studio chez Asmodee Group

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Reviews 14,576

  1. Doesn't work
    Aaron hicks
    I cant make it past the tutorial before the game decides to shutdown completely please fix this because this would be an ok game if only it didnt shut down every 2 seconds
  2. Its too big data in internal memory !
    John Rey Villacrusis
    It eats up too 400+ MB of inter memory even it write to exter SD . Please make it move data to SD.
  3. Excellent game, bugs sometimes
    Wendy Feng
    Well thought out game. Every so often though - it tells me I haven't bought any expansions, which is not true, and then I don't have access to them.
  4. Great game, many bugs
    myke aaron
    I love this game! It's highly addictive, but there are many bugs. Most have been worked out, but the most recent problem is that my game randomly deleted all of my extra content decks mid game and wants me to pay for them all again! If I can get my decks back, I'll definitely rate this game 5 star! New note: this issue has been resolved! Thank you guys for helping me. 5 stars it is!
  5. Caleb Adelstein
    I love love love this game! BUT Please add: message notification noise when it's your turn, MORE HONOR FOR MULTIPLAYER GAMES and vs cpu!!! And please add an option to exclude certain cards (here's looking at you ender of days and exploding swarm!) I love this game and play it all the time! Almost perfect!
  6. Great game
    Mary Wonttell
    I love this game and I'm glad I can play it on my phone instead of having to deal with set up. Only problem is playing people. 90% of them are wimps and forfeit as soon as they realize they are losing. The victory doesnt even show in the statistics, except against you. I've won most games but it shows I've lost more than I won because of sore losers. So there needs to be a way to block forfieters or not have it go against you.
  7. Love the game but
    Stephani Flanigan
    I do have two minor issues though neither will stop me from playing. First is on occasion, it locks the expansions I have bought. The other issue is for those who, like me, enjoy playing for the achievements, there does seem to be glitch. So far, two of the harder achievements I accomplished, didn't show up. So sad because the play RU and win with only two factions doesn't work and was so hard. So does the one with the collect every monster though that's not hard.
  8. I am enjoying this app
    Rick Carnagey
    I don't own the actual physical game, so having this app is my only means of playing outside of gaming with my friends who own the actual game. The tutorial is pretty good and walks you through your first game. You will need to play several games before you begin to really grasp the different strategies you can use. That is true of most good games. This is a well done android version of a very well liked boardgame from the board gaming community. If you enjoy playing board games (this is actually more of a card/board game) you should enjoy this app.
  9. Peter Bowkett
    Paid for expansions keep locking so no access - wish I had not so bloated it eats space like no other game I have played
  10. Forgets my purchased sets
    Gabrielle Wolfe
    This is a great game, and on the iPhone platform it works perfectly. So when I got an Android, I splurged and repurchased this app and all expansions/promos. That's when I discovered that the Android version of this app checks online for your purchased expansions EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE APP. So if you're out of cell coverage area with no wifi, you can only play the basic set, no expansions. That's a lot of money to spend on an app that won't work in the mountains (or in the bathroom at work).
  11. Game great; app breaks
    Kevin P. Siu
    The card game on which this app is based is excellent. Fun and easy to pick up. However the app is extremely poorly made. It has far too many memory leaks and regularly crashes my phone. In addition, it forces you to log in every time the phone goes to lock screen.
  12. Too big, needs SD option
    Dave Jones
    Good game, but 880mb for a card game? Seriously? Even so I would play this, but there is no SD storage option, so no way I am letting this eat almost 1gb of precious internal memory. Shame...
  13. Great game, horrible bugs... still
    Paul Tichonczuk
    I love Ascension and backed the original Ascension for Android project started by Stoneblade, the creators of this game. That didn't work out and now we have the iOS port by Playdeck instead. The game is great, the implementation not so much. The app will simply show a blank black screen when you switch back to an existing game about 50% of the time. You have to kill the app and then find your game in the game list to continue playing The worst part though is that the AI players slow down as the game progresses making the end of any game against the AI frustrating, as you watch each card slowly played over minutes. This happens on my N5 and N7. Playdeck makes great iOS games. They have a ways to go on Android however.
  14. Many bug issues
    Michael Mc
    I paid for this app but it repeatedly shows the expansions locked and I can't play them until I connect to the internet. It also lags very bad sometimes and is a huge battery drainer. For a fairly expensive phone game this is very poorly made and maintained. The recent update made this app even slower. What a piece of junk! Wish I never wasted my money on this stupid app that doesn't even work properly.
  15. Great game, regularly crashes my phone
    I am irritated by this app... you have one of the most addictive games ever, wonderful UI and design, and yet it constantly crashes on my phone. It doesn't crash my tablet but large AI turns slow the game to a crawl, to where a turn can take minutes because it's playing so slowly. Both VERY annoying issues that ruin my enjoyment of an otherwise awesome game.
  16. Incredible
    Wayne Volinskey
    If your reading this, your into card/strategy type games. Download this now. No pay to win, you can only play with ppl who have the same cards as you. Yes you can buy expansions, but you'll never play someone who has payed for cards you don't have. You build your deck as you play, every game is different and the core set of cards provides an amazing game by themselves for free!! Online play is perfect, solo play is perfect, download and try, this game is great and devs, bring on the expansions!!!!
  17. Honor
    Josh Gill
    Love the game and bought all the expansions. I love how this works, all the mechanics, each promo cars and all the online play. The biggest issue? Honor should be fully customizable. There shouldn't be a limit. Online play is too short. Far far too short. I own all the hard copies of this game and, although it is a long play with set-up and tear down, I find playing with additional honor allows for a more intriguing and further developed deck. Much more interesting the longer the game. Please make a patch.
  18. Absolute modern classic
    Andrew Royal
    One of my favorite card games and just as fun as an App. All the complaints about in-app purchase pricing need to think about how much those of us who purchased the physical versions of those paid. Even if you and 3 of your friends all buy the decks to play together, you still save money. Great fun. Awesome unique artwork. Fun organic strategy.
  19. Fun!
    Rebecca Shillaker
    Very enjoyable! Has a great demo to show you how to play and the free version of the game is very good, it unfortunately is so much fun i will be happy to pay for expansions soon.
  20. SP is great, MP not as nice
    Nathan Cardenas
    I mostly play SP. For MP deckbuilding I usuallt play Star Realms. I prefer their implementation to the one here: got booted way more often in this app than SR.


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