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Johanna Vuorela | Operations Director at Boomdash Digital

Manchester, United Kingdom |

Steve Tagger | Business Development & Publishing Specialist - Video Games

Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom |

Johanna Vuorela | Operations Director

Reviews 3,176

  1. Good
    Marie Milano
    The omly problem is that it makes me start from thr brginning every time I login in.
  2. Enjoyed at start
    Jo Reddish
    Frustrated as Cannot progress as won't let me request from friends
  3. Michael Tessnear
    Good game but force closes 2 much n makes u start over 2 many time I get frustrated
  4. Gve it a 3 star
    Robert Good
    Reason is.I'm sure there's bugs in it but hopefully they clean em.
  5. /shrug
    Monica Bethuy
    01/06/13 5 short rounds, no cash to purchase powerups & black screens. Like the game but uninstalling due to lack of ability to play.
  6. Bubble raider
    Jacklyn Wiebelhaus
    When ever u beat a level u lose a life. U shouldn't lose a life if u pass a level. Would rate higher. Needs fixed. When I open the game I get either a black screen or a screen that says the games name and loading. Should get game messages when uc connect with Facebook u don't. Needs fix.
  7. Good when it would load
    Lisa Griffin
    It was working great and game was great but went to play it one night and all I got what a black screen not happy
  8. Less one star!!!
    Elaine Root
    Just downloaded this today. Great game but its too bad you loose a life every time you finish a level. Kinda loose interest if you can't be rewarded any better. Let me know when you make a change for the better. Also I got blank screens but did an uninstall and reinstall and that seemed to fix the problem. But plan on uninstaling until you can make it more enjoyable.
  9. Marge stock
    Cant play the game as all I get is black screen. Why? I shouldnt have to go to Play Store to get into game each time. FIX OR BYE!
  10. One star
    Corrinna Luper
    It did not work on my next book. It loaded up the the background screen and then froze. This is my second installation for this game. Figured an uninstall and reinstall would fix the issue. It did not. I'll still play when I get on my desktop though.
  11. Mad
    Lynda Dempsey
    I've downloaded this game but I can only play time attack why won't it play the journey sort it out please
  12. Just wow..
    Ashton Roesbery
    Should only lose a life if you lose. The game is almost pointless for progression
  13. Disappointment
    leana brumley
    Game downloaded fine but can't even get past the initial screen and the one time that I was able to, it stuck on it. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times with no change. Uninstalling. Huge disappointment because it looked like a really cute and fun game
  14. Wtf
    Kelly Tourle
    Lose a life every level u complete. That sucks. Otherwise its an ok game
  15. Wont load
    Chris Wood
    Installed, uninstalled, reinstalled still wont load. Just a black screen
  16. Does not work
    Amanda Day
    Still only getting black screen. I miss playing this game. :/
  17. no good
    Debra Farmer
    i downloaded the game on my android phone and the screen is black you can hear the music but you cant see nothing.
  18. Cn't see nothing only a black back round.
    Alma Valentin
    Cn't see nothing just a black back round... :-(
  19. Gs3
    U people l
    It wasn't compatible with my galaxy 2 tab 10.1
  20. Unbelievable
    van johns
    I can't believe after every level you successfully finish you lose a life. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!


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