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Szczepan Kania | Kierownik Projektu

Mateusz Zawadzki | Przewodniczący Rady Nadzorczej

Kuba Trzebiński | Chief Operating Officer | Chief Marketing Officer | Vice President of the Board

Krzysztof Kostowski | Chief Executive Officer

Reviews 133,305

  1. Well if you want to play a great game
    Mike Howard
    Look somewhere else. This one won't even launch on the S6. Screen goes black, then right back to launcher.
  2. Forced sharing
    Chris Smith
    Would like the game a lot more if it didn't essentially force you to spam over Google Play or deal with the constant pop up prompts to sign in. Set it so I can turn off Google play sharing or quit bugging me to sign in every other screen.
  3. Bug Fix!
    If you're having trouble with the game restarting because of the ads, here's an solution: Turn off you're WiFi, because WiFi enables ads.
  4. Good Game and More
    Abdul Hakeem Bennette
    I like this game as it helps you learn some typical car parts, their typical locations, and a bit about how they work (or fail). It shows some real research and care went into the game. I would extend this aspect in future versions. It prevents the game from being pure distraction and gives it another level of use. Also it features Jeeps. I would advertise that more as Jeep owners are often brand fanatics and like to work on their vehicles, so they will flock to this game.
  5. Restart bug
    Noah Edginton
    Everytime i open the app it brings up a pop up ad. Then the game restarts and it does it all over again. This happened for 20 minutes. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
  6. Michael Bolech
    I agree with the previous reviewer: Could be fun but the Google Play account popup after EVERY completed job and sometimes even after completing part of a job (for achievements?) is really annoying. I would appreciate an option to turn it off in the next update or at least have it only pop up once at the start of the game. Edit: Progress in-game is really slow and ends up being a grind. Before you can afford one of the cheaper upgrades you will spend hours repeating the same jobs over and over again.
  7. Good just a few bugs
    Brian Cook
    Needs better controls for when you zoom in and out. And after 3 repairs when you go back to the menu screen ads show up, and you don't get a chance to close out ad. It starts game all over.
  8. Being a automotive technician in training
    Shane Sloggett
    This game is so annoying, you have to go part to part tring to find wgats bad no clues or anything in real life the customer would give you a general idea of whats wrong such as the brake petel it's pumping on its own, then you would know to look at the brakes and findout that the brake rotor is warped but yeah whatever this game is garb
    Ray Shalabi
    I love ot. It's a unique idea with real problems and real solutions. Havent seen anything un real or any glitches. The game gets boring after you buy everything. I would recommend to creat more cars and more problems. This game is a beginning of a fire. give it more care and it will be a flame! I would recommend to friends !
  10. Omar Bocanegra
    Its a koo game nd all, be better if it was more organized nd have categories on differnet parts for the cars engine, chassis, tune ups, kits, etc. Also changin the way you zoom in nd out wuld b better too. As well as identifyin nd locatin parts more easy tht are in need maintenance
  11. Good (ish) game not what I was hoping but meh
    No Name Productions
    Not as good as I hoped could be better needs better graphics
  12. Good
    Kaspar Ambühl
    It is a really good game which shows you many ( not all) parts of a car and includes realistic problems. Detail is good. I wish that you would make it possible that you are able to actually test the car on road and fix other parts of the car, such as the car interior and change body panels and windows ect. You should be able to do a whole teardown on the car and design a car from scratch. If this all happened then I would rate 5 stars
  13. Addictive mechanical fun
    Andrew Anderson
    Liking this game a lot. Earning money is a bit slow but the game is so addictive. I really like the detail the developers have gone into in regards to parts. Would be a nice add on to have body repair too such as repair/replace panels as well as paint them...would also be interesting to have it so you can repair the engine itself ie pistons. Otherwise...a cracking littlw game :D
  14. Killing time with boring
    tifa atifa
    Not bad but there are better than this. 1-Sometimes the game just frozen (bug) so you need to restart the game, and this is boring for me. 2-There are no exit option when you need to exit ( I can't found the key) 3-in the game zoom in and zoom out option not accuracy. 4- it is so slow to gain money ( you can get the level to unlock cars but you don't have money to buy it ) , so you need to be too patient . 5- The ads cutting your focus and killing your enjoy. 6- killing the battery .
  15. So aggravating!!
    derek hamlin
    Why do you offer to sync with Google when it doesn't even save your progress? I spent real money to get a better garage faster and had made it far in the game but when I downloaded to my new phone it started over from scratch! I'll can't express how disappointing this is! Game uninstalled!
  16. Soooo F'n stupid!
    Ray Cosack
    Took me DAYS to level up to get the "mustang" but its a V8 FWD stupid? Who does that???? Mark the game actually theres more to a motor then spark plugs too! Im deleting it
  17. Great game too many adverts!
    Adam Blount
    Would be a 5* but constant adverts ruin the game.
  18. Please fix this bug
    steven victoria
    The game crashes in the tutorial right after i replace the broken wheel and i have to restart the tutorial again. The game crashes in the same exact spot 3 times in a row
  19. Too many ads
    Chuck Satterfield
    The game itself is fun but the constant popup ads interfere with game play and cause the game to restart. I definitely wouldn't recommend wasting money on the in app purchases.
  20. Good and I also givit a four star
    James Crichlow
    But just get the e mail thing off its going to drive me bulistic