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Reviews 390

    La Rhaine Vacal
    I paid for the full version so i will enjoy the game. But i'm just in task 13 in profile 1 and it doesn't work always forced closes. Fix this or get me a refund. I didn't pay for the full version to get you better fix this crap..
  2. Good game but...
    whitley nevis
    I'm at level 23 and the game will load but it wont let me play the level im on are any other level it just freezes i tried turning my phone off and on and it still does the same thing and i've paid for this game so im upset if it ever starts working again i'll change my rating
  3. What's gone wronh
    Mubasher Masood
    Game isn't working. I want a refund NOW! Or fix this problem. The problem is the game will not load and a black screen pops up. FIX IT OR GIVE ME A REFUND!!!
  4. Ok
    Catie Smojver
    It started off interesting...i liked all of the tasks. I bought the game thinking it would only get turned out to be very repetitive. I was disappointed that I could not assemble the food, or control more of the cookingand sometimes just picked the items. Glad I only paid .99
  5. Wth
    Eric Lanham
    Only 40 levels I beat it in less the thirty mins there should be more then that it would make it more fun
  6. easy
    Kristal Martinez
    finished it n about two days, i would have finished it in one though. really easy, first eight tasks you clean the kitchen and dishes, cut and prepare the produce. at task 9 is when u really start doing any cooking. one thing that's pretty cool is there's actual recipes you use to.
  7. jenna jones
    This game does not work at all. . I want it off my phone but it won't uninstall
  8. Does not work
    Diana Parada
    All I get is a pink screen...I want my money back
  9. What the hell !
    Nakeeta Connors
    Just paid for the full version now I have to start all over again!!
  10. Shaun Thomas
    Downloaded lite version got so far then purchase full version too get sorry app has stopped please fix ASAP
  11. Freida Dardar
    I paid for the full game at level 9 now it won't play. it just keeps telling me to buy the game! DONT GET THIS GAME IT'S A SCAM!!!!
  12. Totally Loves It
    Veralina lomikona
    Been trying to find cooking games like this and finally found it, please make some more levels :), thumbs up
  13. Mark Mcnabb
    Im on the 2nd part... and the game has glitch.... while cutting the chesse the game just stoped... I can not go to the next lvl... I would like my money back... I paid for a game that I can't even play... I got the game about a week ago and every day check to see if it works yet... It's a no go... what a stupid buy...
  14. Junk
    Jennifer Bell
    A waste of .99 cents. I cant even get it to open on my phone
  15. Brittany Harrington
    Loaded it..took 3 hrs..and just stop working
  16. Cooking game
    Taneshia Brown
    I purchased it and I loved it, it gives real recipes
  17. Needs work
    Karen M
    I enjoy the game but task 14 is broken, it freezes when slicing cheese and no matter how fast I am I lose if I get them done. Fix your game or give me my money back.
  18. Too short
    mia scott
    I finished in two days. Cool game needed more.
  19. Game won't load or install after buying
    Deanneanewilliams Williams
    This game started off ok on cook it up lite but now after buying it the screen says it needs a one time download so after getting over half way through the download it stops and constantly says internet.connection not working and download failed. Waste of time and money
  20. Not working!!!!
    Danielle Holt
    Since iv payed and downloaded the full version it isn't working at all either fix it or I want a refund asap!!!!