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  1. Not happy.
    Michaela Johnson
    It will not let me uninstall. When I go to the menu it has a deactivate button and so I press it. Then something pops up saying I have to deactivate before uninstalling! I need it gone because i need more room on my phone! I am very displeased.
  2. Prey
    Ginger Benson
    OMG, Thank you so much. Couldnt find my tablet, and the alarm led me to it 1/2 block from home on the side of the road. Guess I left it on top of the car. I would have NEVER recovered it without Prey.
  3. Great for thiefs i really. Could use it
    Heather Hasenstaub
    I tried to email the company the emailed me back saying they cancled and i was getting reimbursed! But its still here! Nothing wrong with app! I let someone use my phone thats has all my info, and my ficed income i can not afford! Wish i could tho!!!
  4. The only really free Anti-theft app
    Angel Santiago
    Are you kidding me cyberus charges you a monthly fee. And all others have some type of fee anyone who gives less than five stars has a problem and is used to getting things for free
  5. Must have security app
    James Dourish
    I have used prey for years on desktop & laptop and it is equally as good on android, easily the most reliable and feature packed device tracker available. Great features like un-installation lock, sim change detection, remotely activate wi-fi or mobile data.
  6. Ignore the naysayers
    Steve Plumlee
    I have been us using Prey on all of my devices and it is great. The camera works fine and if you need to remove you need to remove the device from the Web interface. What good is a security tool that can be removed from a lost or stolen phone? C'mon people use your head.
  7. It's a bug
    kajal ghosh
    After installation you will not able to unindtall it. It will access all your private information secretly without your knowledge. So don't install it.
  8. Does nothing ... a shame
    Azizur Rahman
    I lost my phone this afternoon...and opened the web control panel of the app with a trust that it will help me locate the gadget. It was a complete waste of time and trust as this app helped me with JUST NOTHING of whatever it promised. I had to locate the phone searching it in the neighborhood. I have checked the app keeping my phone close to me to check whether this thing really works. I had to regret for my wasted time, again.
  9. Bugs...
    Laur Florin
    I set the mobile device to 'missing' to test prey. Everything went OK... To the point when I marked the device as 'recovered'. Even though the online control panel reflects this change, my phone still randomly activates gps and mutes my sound... EDIT some bugs fixed, but still misses communication sometimes from online panel.
  10. Great
    Ace Norman
    Comes in super handy whenever I lose either my phone or tablet I can just use the other to find it
  11. Helped me recover my laptop
    Patrick Haley
    My laptop was stolen and Prey helped me locate it. The police were able to identify the thief by the pictures taken from the camera of him masturbating. The IP address led us straight to his grandmother's address where he and his brother had warrants for their arrest.
  12. Not the best app, but a decent app..
    Roblox Faumos
    It does not give you the right address, I tried to show my dad putting my phone for missing when it was on the side of me, next thing you know it says it's 3 houses away... I felt really ashamed..,
  13. Seems good
    Caitlyn Strasser
    I try to log into my account, but it says "webpage not secure." Is it just my internet?
  14. Nick Scarlett
    This is a good app if it worked the app can never find the other phone always says can't reach device
  15. Easy to use with many great features.
    Mark Woodbury
    I am glad I have never had to rely on this app to find my phone. But if I did, I know my odds would be increased by having this.
  16. This application was identified as Malware by DU Speed Booster
    Zhong Liu
    I always got warning of malware, this application was identified as a malware by DU Speed Booster application, is this a real problem? could the development team confirm with DU Speed Booster project team for this issue? Thanks !
  17. Doesn't Work.
    Daniel Jenkins
    The app doesn't locate correctly or accurately. I lost my phone last night, and used this app to locate it. The site said it was located on the opposite side of town. Turns out, it was in my girlfriends car, just a little ways away from me. Also the photo didn't work - all photos were black. The app doesn't serve its main function. Also, the location that it did provide was non-specific. GPS goes down to 10-ft accuracy. The data they provided me was no more useful than an intersection, and a big one at that. I recommend an alternative, like lookout.
  18. Best administration app so far
    Randev Ranasinghe
    Till the best administration app I got installed on my nexus 7. Check several times, all reporting details are accurate. Perfect app. With this finding the device is much easy.
  19. Oh dear. Something's wrong.
    Martin Morgan
    The Prey icon has disappeared, and when I tried to reload it from Play, I too only got the DEACTIVATE option. As mentioned by others i also get the message that its a device administrator and can't be deactjvated. Aargghh !!!
  20. Great product
    Ron Tuohy
    It just works, no drama, what more can you ask!


What`s new

• The logic of permission requests for the camera, phone, storage, and location has been updated.
• Location permission is requested to "allow all the time" for Android 10.
• Location accuracy has improved when the application is running in the background.
• Prey recognizes your device's name and will use the same one when you install this device for the first time.

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