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Magnus Wiklander | CFO at MAG Interactive

Stockholm, Sverige |

Kaj Nygren | CTO at MAG Interactive

Stockholms län, Sverige |

Joseph Le Grice | Software Engineer at MAG Interactive

Brighton, United Kingdom |

Jonathan Kulisic | Developer at MAG Interactive

Stockholm, Sverige |

Reviews 49,354

  1. Preston O'Lary
    Loved this game. Sometimes the letters would get too to be seen on the screen but I don't know if that was the game or my device. Very fun game for adults.
  2. Too much ads
    Anders Algotsson
    Fun idea, but so many ads that you just get irritated. NOT recommended! Really expensive if you want clues. Help can be found for free if searching the net
  3. Words in a picture
    Janis Grote
    Like this gsme , but to many interruptions. Would give more stars if interruption s were lots less.
  4. Words in a Pic
    Lyndhanne Glitter62
    This is a really fun game that challenges your powers of observation as well as your spelling ability.
  5. Good challenge
    Ann Sadowski
    Great fun game it really takes your brain waves out of the box. ..really enjoy the challenges. .
  6. Jennifer Bey
    A very fun game and exercise for your brain. Would def recommend.
  7. Words in a pic
    Sondra Enos
    WAY TOO MANY ADS... You shouldn't have to watch 1 ad for each puzzle... GEEZ!
  8. Brenda Vance
    It's more of a challenge the higher level you've acheived
  9. Lots of ads
    sweta ray
    Idea is good but whats the use if you get irritated by thousand ads.
  10. Odd word choices
    Shannon Hearon
    The game starts off as described, look at the picture & what you see are the word choices. As you progress, it becomes a game of 'word chance'; prime example is a pic of a drummer, yet 2 of the words were music & concert. Seeing just a drummer does not show 'music' musical sheets would show that word, also you don't see ppl watching a performance to imply the third word of 'concert'. It seems like most games now, instead of just charging a flat rate they want money for 'hints' per game. Ridiculous!
  11. Words in a pic
    Sheila Connor
    I like game but thinking of uninstalling because TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Awsome but...
    Rauf Rodriguez
    Why do you put ads for extra coins which I dont receive ? Pli fixs this problem qiwii
  13. Ads
    Shane Yearbury
    Ads ads ads ads ads ads. Uninstalling
  14. Really addicted to this one
    cassie jenkins
    Love it more if I didn't have to use so many coins to get just 1 clue. It would b a 5 star if yall improve on that
  15. P St
    ? Bought for next set of words. Now it doesn't want to work?? How can u update this app? Is there a level 3701????? Love this game. Come new level
  16. Jose Rivera
    Why are there no instructions? Delete because of this. Really can't rate cause I never got to play.
  17. Mind bending!
    Dawn April Roberts
    Just when you think you have the answers, you must rethink! Some are very challenging.
  18. Good but annoying ads
    Sarah Tucker
    I really like this game but getting increasingly annoyed about the amount of adverts that keep popping up. 30 second videos that you can't exit and drain your battery. Getting a bit fed up. I would pay to upgrade to get rid but there's no option to do so. Perhaps you need to look into this?
  19. Carolyn Snead
    Lots of fun but pop up ads are bothersome
  20. Love a challenge
    Karen Slaughter
    This game stimulates my mind and think before I place a lettee