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Monthly active users estimation: 10,000,000


Ed Cwieka | President at The Learning Cove Academy

Palm City, Florida |

Sharon Smith | Administrative Assistant

Jonesboro, Arkansas |

Oscar Espinoza | Director of Product Management

David Webb | Accountant

Reviews 712,507

  1. Eve W
    I still love the app, but you need to bring in a solo player option...even if it's just a practice mode or something. I used to like trying different topics out, but not when it's only 7 questions against the 2nd best in Canada!
  2. Quizup to quick-reaction
    After reaching 10/15 xp in any topic questions become so repetitive that game turns from quiz to a quick reaction game. There should be 'xp classes': by increasing your xp you will go up higher classes. Each xp-class will unlock new sets of questions, less answering time, more answer-options, etc. This will keep the game fresh and competitive, will keep alive the 'quiz' element and not 'quick reaction', no matter what's your xp. Thank you.
  3. Love it.
    Lani Clarke
    I really love this app it's one of my favourites. Would like to be able able to go to someone's profile from messages or at least be able to block people in messages. I need these features to stop unwanted messages from strangers. I come here to quiz not to flirt or give out my number!!!
  4. Almost there.
    Ivan G.
    Still having some issues but it's working way better after the update. If it worked perfectly, then I'd definitely give 5, love the app.
  5. Cant hide profile picture
    Vmuthu Hydrose
    In this app we cant lock or hide our profile pic from its not plz fix this problem.other wise 5 star
  6. Works Great Until it Doesn't
    Tia 2
    I love the game itself but twice now the words and pics have turned into tiny black boxes...indecipherable. I've had to uninstall and reinstall the app just to get it working right. If this issue is fixed I'll give it a higher score.
  7. Cool Interface, Competitiveness, Quality Questions, Well Categorized, Great Sync and Flow !!
    Ruchin Agarwal
    One of the most interesting quizzing apps I've found till date. The variety of questions, availability of competitors, the features of notifications, levels, buffering the challenges etc. makes it supercool.
  8. I rlly like this app
    Vanessa Dicus
    THANKS FOR THE UPDATE! Now I can go to the post when someone replied to me
  9. Needs fixing
    Nidhi Sampat
    Love the app but have time and again faced various problems including match time inconsistencies in the past and now, with new update the app hardly lets me play. Everytime I pick a topic while searching for opponents it stops and says try again, once that starts it goes on for a couple of more times. Annoying! Please fix this asap.
  10. Alize Stromer
    Wouldn't even let me joined tried for an hour and kept saying something went wrong
  11. Can't play a friend live, after the update.
    B McGinley
    I'm sitting here with my friend. We have push notifications on. I invite her to play and nothing pops up for her anywhere. In fact it tells me she has push notifications off (incorrect, on and the app is open). Doesn't matter who invites who, we can't play live anymore, so the app is useless to me now. Please fix.
  12. Dear creators of QuizUp
    Benjamin Trudeau
    I think the new update is wonderful. You can share pictures, Like, and Comment. New menu. Find people to play with easily. Follow Quizzes and People. And more. But it should have a Single-Player Feature. Just Sayin'! And also, All the hate comments inside and outside the game. Ignore them. The update is perfect. Also my username is Mehless. Soon to be changed to SnoozeJuice, in case you want to message me in the game QuizUp Team. Bye! *sob sob* zomg abrupt ending.
  13. Read the "However" Section.
    ashley dozier
    been playing this since it was released on Apple devices. Unfortunately it now crashes constantly and I can't play games now. Please fix!! HTC Desire 510
  14. Crashing after every game
    Taru Kesänen
    After the whole look changing update, using the app isn't as fun. More things to click before you can get to another random match game. Also really don't need the social stuff, completely useless when you just want quick games. I'm having a major issue with the app crashing after every game, once the match is done and I should see the points. Makes playing really annoying.
  15. The new update is hard to use
    Emily Kiehl
    My sister and I liked to challenge each other before the app was completely changed by the update, but I can't easily challenge her and she can't challenge me anymore. The layout of the home screen before was much more logical than it is currently and it previously worked better on both my and my sister's devices. The app may be more colorful now, but it was definitely more fun before the update.
  16. Hate the new update :(
    Mary Aherne
    I really loved quiz up and found it really fun and easy to use, now it's a nightmare app with too much unnecessary focus on social aspects. I find it really annoying that it asks you do you want a rematch after each match instead of the old, more user friendly way with all the options layed out. Please change it back to the way it was. You've sacrificed user friendliness and fun for social and colour.
  17. WAS a very good game
    Sam Henning
    This was my favorite game. I would play for hours every day and I enjoyed every minute of it. The interface was great there were a lot of topics and the questions were great. Then came the update. We saw the developers sacrifice quality for looks. The game does look better but it's harder to use and I don't really use the social aspects of the game. The update just added unnecessary features. Making it harder to use. This game was a perfect 5 stars, because of this latest update, it has been downgraded.
    Daniel Cox
    When you play multiple matches against an opponent in a row, you don't get the XP from all the matches, only from the first match! This is a huge bug, definitely not doing any rematches until it's fixed. Will change my score one it's been addressed.
  19. Anne Shaw
    Addicted but hate the new format Too much rubbish and bad language posted on social media. New app very messy and lags horribly on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Play on both Samsung and I-pad. I-pad speed superior but fonts too small!! Need new questions Kills my battery with all the graphics Please bring back larger country flags so we can see who and where we are playing Loved it when I got Antarctica on old version
  20. J Smooth
    Best trivia game if u follow me on any social media you should download and get beat by me lol. Let's get smart together if ur not already


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