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Christopher Klein | Cofounder at rachio

Greater Denver Area |

Allie Treske Ahearn | MBAA President | MBA Candidate at Leeds School of Business | Marketing and Social Innovation

Denver, Colorado |

Rob Selover, P.G. | Data Scientist at Rachio

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Tristram Nelson | UX Designer at Rachio

Denver, Colorado |

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  1. Difficult to use
    Brian Chapman
    The app doesn't follow the standard design guidelines for app design and as a result is difficult to use. Little in app help when attempting to learn the concepts.
  2. Great product
    Esteban Torres
    Great product! Havent had to mess with my sprinklers since installed. Easy to manage from app
  3. Awesome
    Denis Weaver
    Installed quickly without issue. The Iro automatically created a complex schedule my old controller probably couldn't have even handled. It's like having an irrigation professional on call. Can't wait to see how the software progresses, lots of opportunity to visualize all the data the system is tracking.
  4. So far so good
    Joshua Lee
    App works great. Only trouble was the setup of the router with the Electric Imp. Make sure you wait till the countdown hits 1 before you place the phone against the device. I hope they continue to give us updates that increase the features. Also, can't wait for them to release a web version, including more ways to analyze water usage. Looking forward to next summer and saving some more money and time.
  5. The best
    Florin Clapa
    The Rachio Iro app is probably the best sprinkler system control app currently available. It has good functionality and stability, the best UI, and responsive support and devs. During the setup process, it did have trouble connecting to the Iro, but the support team quickly resolved the issue. It does have a few small bugs and design issues that need to be fixed, but overall, it's a nice app.
  6. Franklyn Pearson
    Been through a few different controllers. This, and the companion app, are the best of the bunch. -edit: reported an issue with a logcat at 9:30pm on a Sunday, by 11pm it was fixed. Awesome app and company.
  7. It just works!
    Adrian T
    I have had this for about 4-5 months and works great. No issues on my android G3 and the hardware is stable. Love getting emails saying my water scheduling has changed or skipped because of temp change or rain respectively. This really is a set and forget product. You can tell they worked hard on this product and continue too.
  8. Great value!
    John Fitzgerald
    The unit is straight forward and easy to setup, I bought because I have a large yard with 4 zones and a dog who likes to dig up destroy parts of the drip system. The Rachio allows me to turn the system on and off, make repairs and test without having to walk back and forth to the controller, this saves me tons of time! But the real value is the fact that it is tied into the weather service and knows when to water this saves me money! It handles everything for me...this is true automation! I'd give it 6 stars if I could! I could not be happier!!!
  9. Justin Munsters
    Blew me away how well refined this is. Absolutely a breeze to setup and maintain. I love this system, but I think my neighbors may love it more.
  10. Love my Rachio
    Marco D'Amico
    Works well for someone always on the road like me.
  11. Almost perfect
    Scott Sessions
    I walked around the yard in my new house and used the app to figure out what was watering. Awesome.
  12. Amazing Customer Support
    Adrian Fleenor
    App and web interface locked up. Unknowingly had an issue caused by one of my settings incorrectly entered in. Got a return call within the hour. They reviewed my settings and corrected the issue..
  13. Elvin Flores
    Unbelievable love this system with app got it the first day came out installed it installation was flawless absolutely would recommend this to everyone customer support is outstanding . I actually purchased this system for my home in Florida while I'm in New York I can control everything without a single hitch it notifies me when timer is going off and watering begins and also when the watering Ends again outstanding great job.
  14. I was waiting for this
    Julien Vanier
    I've always wanted a smarter sprinkler system, so much that I thought of building one. This fits 100% of my needs. Great product!
  15. Good so far
    kevin harper
    It works as expected though I'll be glad to see updates and refinements as they come.
  16. App instability fixed... for now.
    Tim Gaastra
    While they've fixed the latest issue, there continues to be a pattern of the app losing access, the hub dropping off the network or other instability. They DO work to fix these issues, and it is improving, but I'd qualify the entire setup as somewhat "beta" at the moment. Caveat emptor.
  17. Becoming a great app/product
    Robin Kirmeier
    I was a little disappointed at first but regular new updates have provided new features and improvements. Becoming a good product. Would like a way to influence automatic changes to zones by rating the zone quality (dry, good, too wet, etc)
  18. Pimped
    Landon Worsfold
    Awesome controller and app. Could use some added features like postal code and celcuis support. But im sure that will come.
  19. Fantastic
    Pete Huckelba
    It's dead simple to setup and still offers the 'tweaks' some of us expect in a product. Looking forward to a web interface or API.
  20. Great start
    Nathan Greeney
    Great start to a smart sprinkler system and glad to see there is significant improvements being added. Clearly listening to feedback!


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