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bouncy ball
ouch my balls


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  1. Needs checkpoints
    Caio Rizolli
    The levels are too long now, so it's a big letdown have to start all over again every time you die.
  2. I found a extra boat thing
    miner Cat
    On map 2 level 20 on hard mode after using the 1# and 2# yellow things on the left there is a extra blue thing
  3. Awesome Puzzle Game...
    Paulo De Freitas
    Sooooo addictive... Great learning curve too, starts off pretty simple, but as levels go up so does the difficulty.
  4. Great job, Raon!
    Christina Lee
    Thank you for making a game that teaches you to really think outside the box. My kids & I LOVE both bouncy ball games. The only issue I have w either game is that the updates are few and far in between! Please update more regularly! Otherwise, thanks for making a great app!
  5. Nice, but...
    Myron Adams
    ... It's amazing how the ball bouncing sound can be turned off, but that obnoxiously loud selection sound can't be turned off. OMG, it's so irritating. I shouldn't have to turn the volume down on my phone. Again, the game itself is fun, just some annoying sound effect. Some new sounds like a soccer ball, tennis ball and basketball should be added.
    Christina Atteberry
    Great 2nd version of bouncy ball. I love the 3D stages, as well as, the puzzle skills needed to complete the stages. The only issue I have with bouncy ball & bouncy ball 2.5 are the updates. They were sending updates faster than I could catch up, but over the last few mos, it's dwindled to 1 update since oct 2013. Come on, Raon! Please don't let a great game crumble to is demise! Pretty pretty pretty please update both 1 & 2.5 more frequently & I will give TEN STARS!!
  7. Great twist
    Brandon Dragon
    Guys not all games have check points every 10 seconds hate to break it to you. Ever play Mega Man? You need to be good and this is a very challenging and addictive game
  8. Too hard
    muhammad ishtiaq
    Please redesign Lepus stage 20. Even on easy it is still too hard. The blue arrow is hard to get when turned upside down. The blocks on top of it block my way. Mission incomplete! Also where is the designer stage. I want it please.
  9. Nice game
    Ashok M
    I dont know how to play the world Auriga, level - 13. Help me plzzz
  10. Pyxel level 17 bug
    Kappn Saul Galaviz
    So far it's been a good game, but for me on both difficulties, it won't work because of the last steps when hooking the down block and then going on the upside down block, the stars turn transparent.
  11. Need checkpoints or walkthroughs
    Tadiwanashe Mhizha
    The game gets very hard and there is no way of knowing what to do or where to go. Good game though
  12. Fun
    Sonya Nyazema
    This game is fun and very difficult and helps with strategy amd thinking and helps with the brain it is so much fun at the same time
  13. Did not work
    jacob midcap
    in the beginning when you start the game the whole screen is black, and even the level loader was black. Needs a update.
  14. HELP PLZ!!!!?
    Patricia Roberts
    I love this game and hate it at the same time I am in world Auriga on level 13 and I am STUCK I can't pass this one I have tried everything someone please HELP!!!!! :)
  15. Poor
    Hesham Nasher
    Not working at all I start the game there is a video that last forever Very disappointed
  16. Raon is the best
    Fausia Bloxham
    Love all bounce ball games u have produced only thing I hate is the lightn when pickn stages I cant see other than that this game is awesome plz fix the lighting when pickn stages plz plz please
  17. Completely addicted
    Jordyn Campbell
    This has got to be my favourite game on my phone, I play it all the time! It's very addictive and entertaining, and it isn't time-based so you don't have to dedicate a lot of time to it. Plus there are very few ads and it runs really nicely :) I hope there will be another version! I played the first one too!!
  18. Sucks
    Steven Steffen
    Crashes my phone. Will not let me play the game. DON'T INSTALL!!!!
  19. Vary good
    Hodo Raisi
    Very good game! Very bad adds that make lag!
  20. Good game
    Galina Grabenko
    Good game but each time I turn on fone it logs out of the game


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•Added new world (Cygnus, 21stages)