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  1. Cost u money- make them money
    Ian brown
    Doesnt update properly and therefore cannot be relied upon to give accurate data. therefore worthless.. has cost me £150 at least and probably affected credit rating. DO NOT USE...
  2. Good when working!...
    Lance Smart
    Haven't been able to log in so far today, several attempts made already... always seems to happen on a Friday when I need it most, sort it out & I'll happily give you 5 stars!...
  3. Why is this so much larger than the non business app?
    Martin Kloos
    I can't see any real difference other than a useless animation when loading. It takes up too much room and the only reason I have it installed is because you can't install the normal app on more than one thing at a time (phone and tablet). The keyboard covers the payee so you can't see who you are paying before hitting confirm.
  4. Shaun Pickton
    Great app when its working just dont try to use it on a friday as its always down but hey as a business owner why would u want to use on a friday its not like its one of your busiest banking days is it!
  5. Works, but not great
    Tom Skailes
    - compared to the PC based online site which is almost overly secure the phone app only requires simple PIN access, which feels relatively insecure. Biggest gripe - you can't add/pay someone you've not paid before and you can't edit/enter any info into the payment ref field when you do pay someone - so it only does part of the job, and does it poorly
  6. Can't use to make payments
    Apparently a "limited feature" forces use of the personal app instead just to make a payment! Useless.
  7. manel acid
    As usual like the other one from natwest it has stopped working.
  8. Would not allow me to make payments. Crashes
    Every time I try to make a payment from either one of my business accounts it crashes. Have repoted on many occasions but no reply or fix to the problem. Very poor app and support.
  9. Help
    Kitty Meeks
    Can't log in, tells me no internet connection when I'm on Wi-Fi! Please fix
  10. Does everything better than online
    A Burrows
    Use this on an hourly basis - paying staff settling supplier invoices transferring money out to other banks checking balance merchant payments received etc Can do everything! Could make it easier to see recipient on confirm payment screen but that's all. :-)
  11. Great app
    Jamie Tyrrell
    A really handy tool to keep an eye on both my business and personal accounts.
  12. madankumar narayanan
    Was working beautifully, now does not connect to internet and crashes despite numerous reinstalls
  13. Buisness banking
    victoria williams
    Love it , its quick easy and simple thumbs up ")
  14. Banking on the go
    Lee Raymond
    Simple and easy to use.. only niggle seems to be when you need it the most it just doesn't work . I've tried to delete and reinstall it but no joy.
  15. Not bad
    Mike Cragg
    Slight niggles . But can live with it.
  16. Natwest
    Rajesh Desore
    Natwest app was great !! Makes it easy to to do your banking! ! Super . app makes it easy to keep on top off payments and so on, " great!"
  17. Just works
    John Wood
    Dan Paynton avatar image
    Dan Paynton February 15, 2014
    Great app
  18. Brilliant
    Kristian Garlick
    steve kennedy avatar image
    steve kennedy August 19, 2013
    Excellent. It is quicker to pay my staff through the app than the actual Nat West online banking page... maybe the online website could tweaked. Just one thing... Devs. Could you change the confirm to pay to include the payee name please. Too easy to pay wrong person. Thanks
  19. Won't open at all!
    Anna Cooper
    I'm sure I managed to use this app when I first downloaded it, but now it won't open AT ALL on my Asus Transformer Pad TF700T tablet (Android 4.2.1). This is a shame as it would be very useful - although I can still access the account via normal internet banking.
  20. Seems to work fine.
    Paul Marzetti
    At last, a Natwest app I can use on my Android devices. Simple to setup, very clear and well laid out. Multiples accounts in the same log-in. Would be even better if I could accept card payments from customers using the same app.


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