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  1. Missing NFC
    Daniel Lowry
    It would be really good if you could add NFC payments into the app because I want to use NFC payments with my phone and can't because you aren't partnered with zapp and I am on Vodafone and their NFC payment app is rubbish and I am not old enough to use it.
  2. Good but...
    Niall Shannon
    Is it possible to transfer money between my ISA account and my normal bank account? I can transfer money into my ISA account but not out of it in this app... I have to use the website to do that
  3. Amazing
    Shannon bucket
    I previously voted this down because of the get cash option and the inability to see standing orders but it's perfect now both are fixed!!
  4. Great app but......
    Lynne Stewart
    It's a great app..... when its working. Most times when you really really need to see what is in your bank, the app has a 'wee day off'. Not the best app in the world but the only one ulster bank has!
  5. It still won't let me register
    Victoria Braidner
    I would love to use the app but I just can't seem to get it work on my Sony Ericsson.
  6. Only one thing missing
    William Stewart
    The app does what it needs to do and has never failed me. The one thing I dislike though is that there is no indication that you have hit the correct button whilst entering your password. It needs a button noise or vibration or at very least the button needs to change colour so we know we have tapped the correct one.
  7. ronnie ferris
    ronnie ferris
    never had any problems. 5 stars no problem.
  8. help
    Joyce Davey
    Feeling really silly it says I have installed the app but its not on my app list wat am I doin wrong
  9. Great app..just one thing
    The app is great and does exactly what I need however it can't rotate the screen to landscape which would be nice since my tablet is landscape orientated!
  10. Homeless
    Sebastian Brennan
    Watched my money dwindle away. 10/10 would go bankrupt again.
  11. Stopped working
    Sarah Johnston
    I love this app but in the last few days it has stopped responding to anything. I can't login.
  12. Paul Logue
    great app and makes life a little easier, being able to check out bills being paid etc
  13. :(
    Michael Shortt
    This app is useless verifying details now for 2 days, 1st time I got it 2years ago it work perfect, got a new phone downloaded it said it was verifying details which went of for months an now again I've a new phone an it's at it all over again, ulstetbank really don't look after their customers an I'm sick of it
  14. Sony Xperia Z3
    George Alexander Cowan
    The apps not updated my balance or account transactions since before the new year
  15. Ivan Mckeown
    App no longer working...won't let me enter pass number.
  16. Jamie Greene
    Shows me all the monies! 10/10 would bang
  17. Great app
    Linda Hamilton
    Great app wud b lost without it
  18. Stephen Goldthorpe
    App is great just wish you didn't have to set up payments online would be great just to do it via the app.
  19. Broken again
    Allister Murphy
    Great app until OS update. Now useless. OK - they have now fixed it but why do I have to reverify all my data and wait 24 hrs for a text to proceed? Working again but took too long to fix. Paying your Ulster Bank credit card bill is a bit weird as it's done as a credit between accounts and doesn't update the current account balance.
  20. stuart thadon
    Great app just sometimes it goes down but other than that great way to track your balance statements and transfer between accounts and pay bills


What`s new

•Lock and unlock your debit card at any time, giving you greater control of your card when you need it the most.
•Your account view will now display the type of current account you have with us and show you it’s related features.
•Choose to lock gambling transactions on your credit card, giving you more control of your credit card spending.
•Add accounts that you hold with other banks into the app to view all of your finances in one place.


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