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  1. HELP! Great game but I'm SOOO VERY FRUSTRATED!!! (Nexus 10)
    Jessie Butter
    I love, love, LOVE this game, it's absolutely awesome... BUT, this is the 2nd time that I've gotten to level 40-something, \u0026amp; bcuz my battery died in the middle of game play, when I plugged my device back in \u0026amp; turned it on, ALL MY PROGRESS WAS LOST!!!! This is now the 2nd time it's made me start back at level 1!!! The 1st time it happened, I was upset, but figure these things occasionally can happen... having it happen a 2nd time tho, IS ABSURDLY REDICULOUS!! Pleeeeeeeeeez figure out what is going on, \u0026amp; fix it, so I can play \u0026amp; know it's not gonna be for nothing... Please!?
  2. cherie Ellis
    Addicting fun games .. I wish there were more games like this. ..
  3. Northern tales 3.
    Bev Burn
    A strategy game. Love the game, have been waiting for this one to come out. Love these games. For some reason it downloads on my phone and tablet but will not play
  4. Good but have to scroll
    nyet kiew
    The previous versions played on a single screen on my tab 8.4 fine but this one I have to scroll up and down...somewhat irritating
  5. Northern tales 3
    Sarah-may Massey
    Have completed both 1 and 2 in this series of games and enjoyed them immensely. Finding this game just as much fun as the first and second ones.
  6. Crashes constantly
    Lisa Parkin
    I paid for this game, played it through once and now it crashes every time I try to play any levels on any mode. Really disgusted and disappointed that there is no update available that fixes this. Playing on Asus memopad 7 with Android Kit Kat. Shame because it was a fantastic game up until that point
  7. Fantastic
    Crystal McKinney
    As usual, these games are so awesome! Keep them coming...
  8. Northern tale 3
    Michael Campbell
    Loved the 1st and second. Couldn't wait until number 3. Level 6 and I'm hooksd.
  9. Thank you!
    Hayley Bartlett
    Level 34 bug is fixed and the game is brilliant as usual. Thank you Realore
  10. Updated Review
    Melissa Wilson
    The game play is challenging and fun but for now it won't let me play lvl 34, it force closes on Samsung Galaxy Pro tablet. I've sent in reports hopefully they will fix this error soon. Update: Since the latest update I was able to finish the game without any problems. I enjoyed the game. The challenges, bonus levels and different modes of play all were great.
  11. Would giver better rating
    Lorraine Hutchings
    I like playing this game on my tablet however it will not open past level 34. When I try it shuts down and I try to reopen and the same thing happens. It has happened with both my tablets and cell phone. Why does it do this. Please fix
  12. Major glytch
    Barbara Sowden
    Game great until level 34. Every time I try to open it the game crashes. I have sent numerous error reports but have had no replies. Come on realore sort it out
  13. I heart Vikings!
    Linda Clement
    Samsung Galaxy 4, relaxed mode. All my favorite little fellas are back - the drama queen shaman (a.k.a. The Terror that Flaps in the Night), the Druid (he whom the beasts obey), the workaholic Ragnar clones (may their axes be forever sharp!), new characters and evil magic galore. The glitch at level 34 has been fixed. Go Realore!


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