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sword fighting games


Reviews 228,859

  1. Decent
    Russ Schampers
    One of those games where you can only have good power ups with in app purchases. Meh. If I wanted a paid game I'd look in the paid apps section. Still somewhat fun, just annoying.
  2. Great game but...
    galileo iaderosa-deroches
    Very fun and challenging, i haven't played a game this good in a while. It requires some strategy so button mashers beware. I'm taking off a star because of the play to win aspects. Many abiaties can't be used without paying and it's practically impossible to save up enough points to get any abilities through the game. However it's still very fun and rewarding and i highly recommend it.
  3. Fun but troublesome
    Katsuga Satsujin
    I say troublesome because when running around on this platform you can literally slide off of it if the little stick goes too far one way. Other than that and some pay to win stuff, the game is fun. Good music, funny voices, survival gameplay.
  4. Well thought out
    Jonathan Cottrill
    This game takes a more traditional videogame route, with strategy and skill being the main mode of progression. The metagame is well thought out, and not easily beat, for such a simple game. The ads are periodic and unobtrusive, however, some of the in-app purchases are stupidly expensive, up to 12$. Not sure of the thought process there.
  5. Good but has many flaws
    Dylan Auger
    Its great but the controls and way to slippery I'm sure that it was intended but it isn't necessary. Plus the enemies are stronger than you. Your shield can get hit 4 times but you can hit an enemies shield at least 10 times before it breaks. It has so much potential and just needs to be worked on a little bit more.
  6. Good
    Aiden Womble
    Didwnt like the way that when seronded your dead withot a chance to dight and the guy on level 25 with fire balls shoud be a boss
  7. I really loved it.
    Invi Sayeed
    Lemme give u a quick description on how this game works. Well it works smoothly and nice controls are cool and well -er kinda annoying but hey keep it up dudes!
  8. Decent game with micro transactions
    Jordan Royce
    The game has some decent game play and really good music but is marred by the grinding it takes to keep going at higher levels. If you don't pay to win you'd better get used to some grinding to make your character stronger once you get to the later stages
  9. It might have been better but...
    Eugen Grigorescu
    I like the game. Nice power ups (the bad part is some power ups are sticking the hands in your pockets to get them). Would have been perfect without the premium thing that flushes down your trouth.
  10. Liking it
    Chuck Brandenburg
    Played for about 10 minutes and enjoying it. Controls are not the best
  11. Sergio Fernandez
    Great fun game, king if the hill meets Robin Hood.
  12. Really fun
    David Rochin
    Wish you didnt have to pay for half the stuff
  13. Disappointed
    青 Blue
    It was a good game (with everything unlocked). It hasn't saved my purchase history and items from my last play-through. The Play Store credit history saved a record, plus the game is still on the same microSD card. Now I have to pay for them again? (real money not gems). WHY?! Somehow return either my spent money or the items I bought with it. Preferably the former.
  14. The cake is lie!
    pranand patil
    Is there is any bonus for cake???? Always tried for killed.
  15. Incredible...but
    California Pizza Kitchen Cpk#184
    Awesome game, but you can't go back and get a different power up after you've chosen one, but still pretty fun!
  16. Melanija Mickunaite
    I ♥ur game somaddicting to play . Keep it up.
  17. Pretty good
    Sir Reptile
    Fun game only problem is you have to pay for ultimate power, so you can't unlock certain features
  18. Really fun
    Luis Castro
    Its a really well made game!, my only problem is the analogue stick.
  19. It's good
    Connor Church
    Rlly good but hard to aim attacks and should have more heros
  20. chunkydog5000 !
    It's fun but it would be cool if there was online multiplayer


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