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  1. Great
    Reyselle Ver Balot
    Little bit hard when running out of gold but its fun. I love it.
  2. Wow so fun but fuc the constant add pop ups!
    Frank Bruh
    I love this game and it fun plus you can grind and earn gems by just replaying same missions so not too bad but those ads after every mission is so annoying!
  3. Great game liked it
    Yogesh Shenoy
    Game is awesome. Graphics are also good but not excellent. Need to improve graphics because we don't feel like we are in a ship. And some time we are off money we cannot get it easily. That's the difficulty of the game we feel. Overall awesome.
  4. Simple yet entertaining & addictive
    Achid Rashid
    However , if developer would like to further improve the game. I suggest adding multiplayer so that playeys around the world can interact with one another. Developer could also add special hunting missions for the players, e.g. Solo battle against horde to gain additional coins (Bonus Level). Overall, a job well done
  5. Lame
    Yaya Dorsey
    To be honest, there was no challenge whatsoever. All you do is move forward or backwards and everything else is done for you. The fighting is even lame.
  6. Looks cool very simple
    Travis Clair
    Good to kill time its fun and easy
  7. Don Link
    Fun for what it is. Before battle hints pop up, says boss's re spawn within a few hours. Its not true, gotta wait 24 hours for the boss to re spawn.
  8. Davy Jones man
    Joshua Terrell-Mcburrows
    This game is very fun but takes time and gets so hard. Takes a good bit of time to get gold though wish that could change
  9. The only reason I disliked it is cause
    Kevin Lane
    When I recruit back up, it won't work at all. Sorry about the dislike to the people who liked it.
  10. Just awesome!
    Carl Valence Baja
    I thought for the first time this is a game worthless after few days but as I leveled up more and more, interesting skills and amazing items awaits me. So awesome cant get my hands off it :)
  11. boring but cool
    Vans Patric Selvido
    its always forward its not changing direction but it cool because the graphic is cool
  12. Great but TOO MANY ADS
    Austin Brewer
    Honestly 5 star game for sure but literally I have never played a game that constantly makes you look at ads after every battle very annoying
  13. jesbonnin sadaria
    I love it.. Plz do lessen the price of the items pls... Its so xpensive.
  14. Þfc ,and a few 2nd year 9th, I am a bit. I'm not sure how much you want me to do
    John Minz
    Churchtown etc gaff to be a problem
  15. Cool
    Brandon Cook
    This game cool guys I love it
  16. Cool
    Omar Flores
    It is a cool and beautiful game....
  17. Love the game but
    Maikeru Tanaka
    I already completed 40+ wanted mission but the problem is the thief pendant still locked..please help.. over all.. nice game
  18. Need free gems and coins
    mohammed ithris
    Tap joy i don get free gems but very good game
  19. Arrrggghhh
    Christopher Gent
    This be a very good game arrrggghh. Ye all be putting 5 gold stars. Arrrggghhh
  20. No cloud storage!!
    Vance Reyes
    I purchased upgrades but how am I gonna able to play this game WITHOUT starting all over and having to buy all I have purchased if I ever get a new phone.


What`s new

UPDATE 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1
- Fix daily challenges issue
- Google compliance & IAP Lib update
- minor bug fixes

UPDATE 1.0.9:
- Fix crews back to lvl. 1 issue
- Fix FC when using skill 7 (Undead)
- And several minor bug fixes