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  1. vivienne toh
    Unable to click on certain items on closet after the recent update..pls fix it!
  2. Love the Apps but..
    Rida Baharudin
    I seriously got addicted with the closet features. I have done couple of transaction with it & am pretty happy with it. I'm abit dissapointed that I can't read the latest message/status from the selling status which was on preview. This happen both on Android and iOS. At least to have the message reflected in the inbox and reply button to check with Reebonz staff on the status will be great. I dun like playing the waiting game without knowing the updates. I'll give u 5 stars if this being fix ^^
  3. Great App but Can't read Ads or retrieve promo codes
    Sookilala O
    This is a great application but ever since the last update, I can no longer read messages sent from Reebonz or receive the promo pop up codes.
  4. Can't upload photos!!
    Carrie Mak
    Try to upload 5 just 100kb photos, fail, fail and fail to upload!!
  5. Arghh!
    Michelle Uneng
    Why ACCESS DENIED keep popping out after i done it all right to place my order??
  6. Latest update is terrible
    Tay Li-lin
    Cant use Closet, no profile, app stops suddenly
  7. Eye candy
    Stella Wijaya
    Very trusted seller with the best price around!
  8. Bad Updates
    Cherylene Ang
    App constantly crashes. Browse halfway n crashed.. have to start browsing again. .. n crashed again. Sian
  9. Category issue
    Andre Chan
    Stuff that is not watch belong to women session. Do you guys discrimnate stuff like bag and shoes as feminine even when you are listing men items. And why is the guys item is only watch? And the watch there's female watch even though it is in the men category. Can you fired the developer which came out with such nonsense and fired the purchaser which have a pathetic listing for the men's category.
  10. Fake belt
    Dong Yang
    Brought a Burrbery belt and only used less then a month and split!!Shocked!! Never buy from them again!!
  11. Keirel Edrin
    I didnt get my credit at tap cash after downlod this app.fuckkk
  12. Lee Hoon Chua
    Excellent courier service, tip top packaging and good buy.
  13. Great Apps
    Daniel Napitupulu
    Nice, elegant and great application and developer. :)
  14. Wow
    Farly nur dewantara
    Now i can easyly buy branded goods for my number one, great apps
  15. Yanni Wong
    Easy for us to knw all the promotion
  16. Always hanging on S4
    Franceleen Entena
    I am trying to sell my bag and each time I attach the pictures it hangs!!
  17. Venly Chang
    Saya beli tas disini.. pake 2 kali, benang sudah putus dan lilin tasnya juga rusak. Kecewa entah ini tas asli atau bukan. Baca di web cara mengenali keaslian tas saya lakukan, sepertinya tas ini palsu.. hiks.
  18. Like it
    Zenab Dahodwala
    Nice brands of hand bars. Too costly
  19. Unable to launch
    stella toh
    My S3 have not been able to launch app since the last updater.
  20. refuse to let me login!
    plue suewin
    refuse to let me login! kept crashing \u0026amp;gt;.\u0026amp;lt; the website is much better. meh. update: yay! it's fixed!


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