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Erin Conroy | Journalist at Radio France Internationale

Région de Paris, France |

Auwal Ahmad | Journalist at Radio France Internationale

Nigeria |

Sylvie Noel | rédaction en chef chez Radio France Internationale

Région de Paris, France |

Dajana Stoiljkovic | administration at Radio France Internationale

Région de Paris, France |

Reviews 15,560

  1. Good but has a major flaw
    bill gates
    This app is very good and has a lot of interesting news but it has the big problem that it goes automatically to the beginning of an article after a little time. You can't calmly read an article this way. It may be caused by advertisements, maybe they're refreshed or something.
  2. Mickey Stokes
    Why are there no transcripts available for radio programs and podcasts? Maybe I'm spoiled by NPR, but this seems like a basic service to offer for the Deaf or hard of hearing who like radio shows, but sometimes need to read along to catch all the words.
  3. It works
    Alpha Diallo
    I was gettin an error message when trying 2 play any flux. Trick is 2 de install and re install. Then it works fine. Loves clodi :-)
  4. Pb avec les publicités
    Ismaël Traoré
    Un avantage qui est perdu etait le fait de ne pas avoir de pub avant d'ecouter! C'etait plus simple et mieux que d'ecouter RFI sur un laptop...
  5. Too much advertising.
    Yasmine Adele Lesire
    This is by far the best app to listen to the news in french and to learn french. Nevertheless the new update with all the advertising is VERY annoying and makes the experience unpleasant. A shame for such a good content!
  6. Script
    Vinh DANG
    I am learning French by listening Journal en Francais facile, but there is no script for this part. It is very difficult for beginners (there is script in website but not in mobile app)
  7. Bad
    young mouss
    La dernière mise en jour a beaucoup de problème,trop de chose à revoir avec cette application
  8. hamet ly
    The update is not excellent the old version was better
  9. Soooo slow and heavy
    Stéphane Du Mortier
    I am a regular listener of RFI Afrique but OMG what slow and heavy application. So sad an official radio cannot do better.
  10. Good application
    Yahaya Barma
    Mohammed Adamu avatar image
    Mohammed Adamu December 11, 2014
    super excellent The apps is upto date with infor. I am always guided.(auwal keegan)
  11. Good app
    Dante Blaze
    Excellent app to find out what's happening around the word
  12. Gr8 app
    Nkfurkwi Horsbert Wepnyui
    Its a great app as far as I'm concern. However, the amount of data it uses is a little more than I would desire. I subtracted one star for that reason. But I still owe the producers congrats for a job well done.
  13. Good app but starts randomly!
    Jaclyn Walkins
    I really enjoy this app (though sometimes the emissions won't load correctly the first time) and wish they'd add more of the emissions, like the Francais Facile (I listen in French). My biggest annoyance, though, is that this app will start up randomly! There's nothing more annoying than having it randomly start talking while I'm at work and while my phone is on silent. Please find some way to fix this! I have to go into applications and force stop the app.
  14. La France à moi!
    Açumini Nájera
    It's wonderful! Now I can hear the news and practice my french ;) très heureuse!
  15. RFI
    Aida Camara
    Went from an app that worked fine to an updated version that does not let me listen to anything. Keeps getting message "sorry rfi has stopped working". Sorry I stop listening to rfi.
  16. Plusieurs bugs à régler
    Claire Biason
    J'adore RFI mais l'application a de nombreux problèmes : parfois le direct ne marche pas, ou la retransmission du JT n'est pas à jour (décalage d'un jour), et surtout l'application se met à fonctionner toute seule au cours de la journée.
  17. Good service, but very bad app...
    Serginho Fernandes
    1. There's no way to quit the app, unless you use Android apps manager to unload it by force. 2. Your phone can randomly restart the news voice!!! It's a ridiculous bug!!!
  18. Very good
    Pierre Largeron
    Quite light, fast to charge, even on low bandwidth. Good for non-French (since its international language is english) as well as French expats who want to hear FR news throughout the world.
  19. Great service, terrible app.
    Kenneth Sandin
    Great service, terrible app. Slow to load stream (if at all), will often not shut down once started, and will start randomly once stopped.
  20. Trop de défauts.
    Jocelyne Michelle
    J'aime bien RFI mais, l'application à plusieurs bug. Le direct ne fonctionne pas et lorsqu'il fonctionne il est ne fait que répeter la même chose. Et l'application se met en marche toute seule.


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