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Reviews 112,121

  1. I didnt like it
    Ciara Quinn
    I didnt like this game atall... me being not so smart didnt help atall.... buh its a good game if u like brain tesers and stuff :)
  2. I love this game it is very challenging as you go, great game
    Greg Vineyard
    Darn, so I put in that I love this game and it is very challenging then I discovered I put it in the wrong place and had to try again with my voice to text thing. It looks like it worked
  3. Awesome
    Rev. Jim Baker
    At first just thought it was a kiddy game..buts its much more challenging than that...lots of fun when your stuck in a waiting
  4. great and addictive
    Jordan Smeby
    its a fun time waster for long drives and a great excuse to be anti social! also if u want to talk to the hot guy sitting next to u in class just say u look smart can u help me with this game? ;) good luck
  5. Simple and good
    Shravan Hejmady
    Very simple graphics, good mind game. Doesn't eat up memory of your phone but still decent.
  6. It's puzzle time! ;P
    Soubi Misuki
    Ohh how this reminds me of phi brain kami no puzzle XD love it great game!!
  7. Very fun, but very hard.
    Misty Meek
    The game is fun and addicting and has 3000 levels, which is great, but it start out very hard and just gets harder. If you are new to this type of game, check something else out. But still very fun:-)
  8. Awesome Sauce
    Somniay Bascomb
    It's really fun, cool and addictive. It challenges you just enough to keep you from getting bored but not so hard that you lose interest and give up. Definitely download. If you enjoy brain games, you won't regret doing so.
  9. I love this game!! I give it a five star.
    Marsha Kessner
    This game is a great game and not to overly challenging,great graphics and it goes directly on your SD card. Love it.!!
  10. Parking nightmare
    Andy Black
    Good logic builder. Great for when your reaction time can't handle fast moving games. Nice clean design with increasing number of moves needed to solve extricating your car.
  11. Great find!
    Scott Bradley
    I used to sell a different version of this. Thought I had lost it forever. That was before video games.
  12. Excellent.
    Jyotika Varmani
    This is a very cool app. Just like unblock me. What adds to the fun is that the cars move in either direction. Really fun and worth it.
  13. Fantastic *_*
    Matteo Fantacuzzi
    I love this app! It's simple and cool ;) Io amo quest'app! È semplice e forte ;)
  14. Amazing
    Emily Myers
    I love a brain teaser, and this does more than that. It pushes me to think in ways I never thought possible. If you like to challenge yourself, then this is the perfect game to get.
  15. Liked it
    Tasneem Saigar
    Nice great time pass but its abit difficult anyways good game
  16. Classic
    Shemai Wooldridge
    Was a fun board game for those who like puzzles. Glad they made an app out of it. I remember this game from when I was a kid
  17. Its an intelligence applying game
    Bismark Amponsah
    It makes you think critically and tactically. You really need to think to make your way through especially at the higher levels.
  18. Love it
    Christine Buza
    Its a game that really trains your brain to focus and think before you move.
  19. Hi
    Karla Sinclair
    I don't even care about this game but hi ppl how r u? I'm amazing and u know it u want to take a #selfie
  20. Great for the brain.
    Kevin Hammaker
    Just like some of those other games we play, this game helps the thinking process. This game is as addictive as Ms. Pac Man.


What`s new

Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.