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Reviews 125,176

  1. Slots Vacation
    Debbie Murphy
    Disappointed can't spin our own wheel, it takes more money than it gives back. Starting to lose interest. New improvements have taken away alot of the features we enjoyed.
  2. Camping tournament
    Nancy Patterson
    What is with this game? It says play 30 lines but there are only 3 winning line combinations! This game used to be awesome but it keeps going down hill fast. I don't know if your trying to entice people to spend money on tokens but this is not the way.
  3. Cloud synchronized
    Erick Warren
    Game was awesome. Until it synced to cloud servers and I lost 74 billion coins. Dumbest thing I've ever seen. My brother had same happen to him while I was typing this. So I uninstalled. Crap. 9/24/2014 Everything seems to have been fixed, so I'm giving it another try. 3 stars for now. 7/19/2015
  4. Luvenia Winston
    Used to love the game, the older version. With the new version, you'll took game wins down, the way it moves is sickening, i wish I could get the older version back. I'm advising everyone, please put your time, data elsewhere. These people over this game is ridiculous.
  5. Dissapointed!
    Mariska Lombard
    Use to love this game... been playing it for over a year but after the last upgrade, free daily spin is worth nothing... what happened to free wilds coz u never get them anymore and I seem to keep losing. Can't build up coins anymore.... the game just takes and takes and takes....The 100 million Camp Tournament falls on great wins but it dont pay out.... just played 120 mil out to stand on 6.9mil winnings. How bloody dissapointing. This game used to be great fun... NOTE: USED TO.....
  6. Joan Quillen-Bruce
    I used to enjoy this game and had over 100 million coins then could not win at all and actually have run out of coins a few times. Today the app. will not load properly and none of the areas where you should be able to see winnings or any numbers or time left in a tournament even shows up.everything is black. HELP, PLEASE FIX THIS !!!! THANK YOU. If you correct this I will give a better rating.
  7. Hate it
    Christa Needels
    It was good til today I did a tournament won so had 1.7 mil in coins then went to play a regular game it glitched and kicked me off game I don't recommend it this wasn't the first time it happened if I could get my coins back I would play again
  8. Slots vacation
    lana miller
    Can you please fix the game? Ever since you updated I cannot even play. It just shuts off. The wheel is messed up. All but one spin has been 53,00. And then it usually takes that away. It shut off and when I go back it has taken back what it gave me! Please fix the game!
  9. Absolutely no fun at all.
    Denise Howard
    Just spun 25 times and I only won my bet back once! Bonus games don't even pay a decent amount. Free spins never give your bet back. This game has no excitement to it at all. Lame lame lame.
  10. I agree with the last two dislikes.
    Aaron Laughlin
    Mega Tournament today = no paylines or wilds functioning. Just takes coins, zero return. I hit win lines about 10 times, no payout. Disappointed. Anyone have another slot game they can recommend?
  11. Disappointed
    Steve Knowlton
    You changed the 100 billion tournament to only pay the top line? This is the only slot app I have kept until now. Not sure what you were doing making these changes.
  12. Update sucks even more than last
    Jennifer Powers
    No more wilds on the log in bonus?!?!? First we lost one, now we lose both. Based on the other reviews, I won't even try to see what happens in a game. Not playing again until the wild is back on the bonus wheel.
  13. Ruth Smith
    I'm playing a tournament and looked a pay lines. Only three different pay lines are shown. Straight across the top, center left to straight across the top, and bottom left to straight across the top. Only three different lines that are shown over and over. Can this be right? It says thirty pay lines. Please fix.
  14. Ashlee Santana
    THIS IS NOT FOR AN OLDER VERSION AS STATED ABOVE! THE GAME WENT TO CRAP AFTER THE NEWEST UPDATE!!!! BUGS BUGS BUGS! PLEASE FIX IT!!! ,SINCE THE UPDATE!!!! Used to be my favorite game now my bonus wheel gives me the same little amount every spin. Coins just disappear all the time. Makes me not want to play anymore
  15. Lost my coins
    Lacey Eason
    I lost all my coins for no reason. I was playing and I had over 300,000 coins and after 2 spins betting 75,000 I only have 11,000 coins left. I used really like this game but this is not right
  16. Fix the crashing
    Phil Nelson
    Pay outs have gotten worse. This game used to be fun. Bonus spins rarely payout more than your bet. Change this....
  17. Wtf is with only 3 different pay lines out of 30,lost millions before I noticed, if not fixed it will be deleted
    Stan Wade
    Not a fair way to run a game
  18. Fixed issues
    Colby Sanders
    It had issues but they were fixed thank u now I can go back to enjoying the game also gave 5 stars again been playing for over a year
  19. Slots Vacation
    D Berry
    This game was much better in the past, but I understand that it's a business, so the generous bonuses went away. It's still entertaining, but the low payouts and high level thresholds are annoying. Update: I just got the famous "Your hardware does not support this application" message after playing it for months. I guess that means I'm done. Don't waste your time!
  20. Rip offs
    lorenzo joseph
    I been in two big tournaments and got rip off 10,000,000 in payouts really bad business cause I really like this game until the updates came will be uninstalling soon


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