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Mai Kiyotaki | Product Development Coordinator of Licensing

Kristen B. |

Reviews 383,731

  1. So far its great
    miguel Rosario
    I love it gas kinda sucks you have to pay $5 to get a bigger tank but it does help to keep the game from getting boring old I guess. Definitely worth downloading
  2. So much fun but...
    Club CantEvenHandleMe
    Every time I load into the home screen, I keep receiving ads. Its not game breaking, but its just annoying to keep exiting out of the ad. Overall, super fun and is recommended.
  3. Could be improved
    Dawn Mead-Morris
    Annoyingly you encourage buying taxis to hire out but a large amount of the time there aren't any drivers to hire them!!! Doesn't matter what time of the day it is. I refuse to use Facebook to add friends, that's unethical. Please fix.
    Fred Santiago
    Awesome game everybody should get THIS crazy game hurry up with HULKAMANIA RUNN'N WILD IN THE CITY ITS A WILD RRRRRUSH !!! SO GET IT JUMP IN A TAXI & DRIVE IT LIKE U STOLE IT PS. THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH HULK HOGAN & CRAZY TAXI THIS GAME IS A REAL TRIP!!! I THINK YOU SHOULD KEEP THE IMMORTAL HULKSTER FOREVER ☆☆☆☆(Please fix steering it's happened b4 but usually I wait a bit go back and it works this time I keep. going back but it don't work can't do anything please fix)☆☆☆?
  5. I like it!
    Peter Cordova
    It's kinda like the old one but with more features. Plays great on my phone and it's crazzzzy fun (pun intended)
  6. Almost perfect
    Kris Ryant
    Game is really fun. Lots and lots of customization. Would rate that 5th star of the game would stop randomly freezing after a run. When I reload it, the levels complete but no money was earned. Plz fix that bug. Note 3
  7. Black screen
    Erwin Wahyu
    I start the game, i hear the music but nothing appears on the screen, totally black. Uninstall.
  8. Crazy Taxi
    kashif malik
    Absolutely reminds me of the good old days. It appears that SEGA has fixed the problems with this game and once again it is extremely fun to play. Hopefully, they add a new level soon.
  9. Crushing
    Nauman Idrees
    I can't play it since today I completed two tasks and. Now.whenever I try to go in next Tasks it loads and. Automatically app closes. Will u help out?
  10. Good fun
    Adam Rea
    Game runs very well no issue with crashes, normal freemium more you pay the faster you progress, but having fun with zero spend. Update the game will not allow me to do U-turns despite swiping down the screen making some later missions almost impossible!
  11. Used to love it. Now crashed all the time !
    dody ervant
    I used to love this game to kill my time, as it also support offlinemode playing. Love the updates, but after awhile it's just sucks for me, since the apps keeps crashed each time i finish a delivery. Frustating. Please help to fix this !
  12. fix thaaat
    Aya Ahmed
    It doesn't open !! Said " stopped . stopped , ... " fix that then give it 5 stars
  13. Greedy freemium.
    Tibor Simic
    The game plays like an infinite runner - you have to switch lanes, turn and tap boosts - but split in short missions. Other than that, the game is incredibly, infuriatingly pushy in trying to sell tons of useless DLC and flashing up to three unskippable ads in a row. Good graphics and music make it a fun time waster for a while, but the monetization is way too irritating. Can we have a paid version without ads, Sega, please?
  14. Ugh!!
    Mary Murt
    Used to play this game on my pc and it was one of my its so glitchy and crashes or freezes..and I know its not my phone but the crappy software of the game...
  15. Good old SEGA style gameplay
    Ivan Šulava
    As a former crazy taxi addict, on the Dreamcast, I can say this game rules. The ease of control by tapping. No clumsy tilts of the device. Cool graphics, smooth performance, overall a gem. Barely any aggresive advertising. Not a big battery drainer unlike some other 3D games. Though one thing is bothering me - that horrid sound when the vehicle hits the ground after a jump. Oh, and we need more content and events!
  16. My favourite game, ATM
    Gerald Greyvenstein
    So much fun.. A few glitches, but nothing too major. People are complaining about the tank and not being able to upgrade it. You get a lot of diamonds for free and get to do 4 missions every hour. I mean, compared to other games. That's pretty generous of them. Stop always finding a reason to complain about everything, and appreciate the good games. ♡
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    Ebenezer G.
    RljkgrnuifjrugjfivjrigK jjh l jgcyrxt d5rcc f6 g7 b bbnihbihbuuv6fc5xdr6f8hhi fThat's cool est feel you have play this game that's cool success by 6th. I 7th. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful 7th f rushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HHhHhHHHHhHHHHHHHhHHHHHhH
  18. Great!
    Jamesha Johnson
    This is an amazing game. The graphics are really impressive. However, the game forecloses a lot. That's the only reason why its getting four stars & not 5. Please fix!
  19. Awesome Game...Awesome Sound Track...
    Luke Hanson
    ...Only criticism is I wish it had a similar gameplay and controls as the classic along with the stunt levels...
  20. Love love love
    Marianne Ward
    Great little game. Allot of fun. It wants to freeze sometimes. But allot of these games do


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