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  1. Wow
    Noneya Bold
    Worth the money which isn't even a lot easy to earn miles to unlock characters and maps great controls though I prefer onscreen rather than gyro runs really really smooth and doesn't make my phone hot like some of these other games . Candy crush I'm looking at you smh why does that simple game tax my processor at all ? Bad coding I guess
  2. Good port
    Juan Romero
    Similar tracks from the Xbox version of the game, only some tracks have been cropped significantly (probably due to memory limitations on weaker phones). Touch controls ARE in there, they just weren't obvious to change (on the controls screen, press the B button on the top left). -1 Star for no cloud save support between Android devices, which in my eyes is a fairly crucial feature. Will edit review should these issues be fixed. Great game otherwise and long overdue.
  3. Good game
    Adam Mapstone
    I think it's a good racing game but when it comes to controls I have to use the sliding controller which makes the game a lot easier.I tryed using tilt control and just found it impossible to just stick to sliding controller:-)
  4. Not as responsive as a console game
    Fred Fredfred
    If you are used to console based play, where you press buttons to steer left and right, you'll be dissappointed. Playing on a good tablet makes no difference. The game has good presentation, but lacks the finesse and predictability of a DS, Wii or other physically interactive system. It is for this reason alone that I rate it as poor.
  5. Great game
    Lisa Marrone
    My only complaint is that when any of the drivers use the super power my game lags big time. Is there any way to turn it off. I'm using a Samsung s3. I checked in options and theres no an option for it
  6. Good, not great.
    I've completed the xbox version so I know this game quite well, it's just a shame there's certain things about this version that could have improved it greatly. Controller support, first and foremost, would have improved it vastly since as many other reviews have said, you can't really get any precision with the on screen controls. Another gripe is that it occasionally crashes. That's obviously a big flaw since you could be at the end of a grand prix and there goes all your points and progress.
  7. Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Review
    Gianfranco La Rotta
    This is a very fun app to have but it sometimes doesn't work, sometimes I see a white screen that resets my phone and it works when it wants to, and by the way the game lags most of the time. Overall its a perfect rendition of the game we all know and love, even if its just a DS port. :)
  8. Finally on Android!
    Ealon Howell
    Okay Sega. I sold my iPod touch two years ago and it had Sonic Racing which was my favorite game, and I was only half way through. Why'd it take so long to show Google some love? Regardless, the touch screen controls are intuitive, level designs mirror the console versions, and the graphics are passable (of this were three years ago, I'd say amazing). Seems to be optimized for HD screens too. If you enjoy the console version, do yourself a favor and dish out the $3 out whatever it costs.Lots of replay value
  9. "If only it was the PC Port..."
    robert セインツ
    I've been waiting too long for this release (3 yrs) and although its the Apple / DS build, it sucks; really outdated. If only they would have ported the PC or even the Wii version this would have CAKED it. I'm sure high-end devices with as NVIDIA Tegra 3/4 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chips can handle it. SEGA please fix!! Port the PC version!!!
  10. Great!
    Randy Herman
    No lag, or other issues people are complaining about on my Note ll. Crisp, vibrant graphics and smooth game play make this cart racer the one to have!
  11. No Moga support
    Chris Wilcockson
    Unlike Sega's other titles, the Moga controller isn't supported in this game so gets 2 out of 5. You'll get a 5 star review once you add Moga controller support.
  12. Great but
    Robert Harman
    Love the game plays smooth and looks amazing . But everytime someone uses a special it lags out so bad its unplayable till tye spicial music stops then its fine . Im playing on a Samsung galaxy ace 3 . Is there anything I can do to make it play well ?
  13. Keeps crashing
    Catarena Parker
    I bought this game last year and it worked great. I played it last night with no problems. Now that my phone has updated to the Lollipop software, it won't play at all. I would like to play this game. It's one of my favorites. It breaks my heart that I can't even play a game that I paid for due to the new software update.
  14. "I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!"
    Stonecoldsas 1
    It was definitely a surprise to see this game 'quietly' appear on Google Play. I must say it plays pretty well. There doesn't appear to be too much slowdown. The music and dialogue seems intact, and visually it looks pretty good. The controls take a little getting used to. A decent port.
  15. .
    Kris Bennett
    Handling is horrid.. If you turn to quickly it doesn't register.. And feels like you are steering a cow! .. PC version is great.. But this is utter rubbish.
  16. Kinda sucks.
    Wilfred Kippins
    Terrible sounds, flat level design and a wimpy multiplayer. I kind of expected more out of this game. What a let down.
  17. Fun Cart Game
    Fraser Mckissack
    Sonic All-Stars is a very fun cart game replete with the love/hate tropes of the genre (expect plenty of missiles up your bum when you're in first place). The tracks are great, the carts are cool and there is plenty of charm to boot. My only minor gripe is that you can't save mid-Championship and they take about 15-20 minutes to complete, making this somewhat unsuitable for the pick-up-and-play style used in most mobile games.
  18. I Want To Love This But I Can't
    Mark Brouwer
    I d/ld the Android version of S&SASR to play on Nvidia Shield when away from my PC (I usually stream PC version of same game). I want to love this port, and could easily ignore the design compromises made for mobile platforms (still pretty and retains charm of the larger game). I can't overlook the awful controls. I've tried mapping the controller myself, d/ling community mappings, and using built-in touch/tilt controls -- none provide any sort of precision. Sega's Monkeyball games have same problem.
  19. Very good effort but needs improvements
    David Billiot
    Plays great on the Nexus 7. Seems like it was designed for touch only. The graphics could be a tinge better but they are still pretty good. However, the lack of x play controls is glaring. Ryo Hazukis voice is messed up too. The earn free miles system is annoying. That said, I hope they make a lot of money with this app so they can fix the issues and continue development.
  20. Good mario kart knockoff game
    Tim M
    First of all this game benefits from the well known characters from various Sega franchises. Technically, it has a few issues. The facebook sign-in didn't work. It did crash at times. And the frame rate was so-so on some tracks. This is on a 2013 Nexus 7, which should have run the game silky smooth. All in all I deducted one star for these minor issues. It has a nice unlocking system and achievements that are fun to unlock. And lots of different characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Challenge mode is a good idea since it forces you to try out all of the different racers. I did not like time attack mode. The fun of this kind of game is battling with other racers using missiles, cones, etc. Also, I could not find anyone on multiplayer. Recommended game, especially if you are a Sega fan like me.