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Rob Tibbetts | Lead Game Tester

San Francisco Bay Area |

Tony Chiu | Game Engineer II

San Francisco Bay Area |

Ned Hugar | Animator

Chie Boyd | Game Artist

Reviews 401,437

  1. The update
    Michelle Spies
    I like tge new update! Just still need to weed through some of users who make big fish look bad... when bf shorten the time between spins I probably will buy chips
  2. Responsible gambling at it`s finest.
    Jesada Wongkittiroj
    Great to play anytime & anywhere. So many variety of games to keep U entertained for hours. Best of all, I can gamble away all my chips & I don`t have to worry about feeling guilty or shameful afterwards.
  3. 8/5/14
    MoonLight Vixen
    BFC is the best mobile casino app around. I've been plying for a couple yrs now. Thanks BF!!
  4. Leon Walton
    Addictive like crack! But need a fix right now!!
  5. I use to Love, Love, Love this Game
    Jazz Fallis
    Since the New owners took over things have really changed. Some for the good, some for the bad. I will still stick it out, to see what will change for the better. I think once a new owner takes over a business it takes a while to get the kinks out. I'm hoping for the best. Will rate it as it progresses to where, or near the way it was. Hopefully it will be soon.
  6. Once upon a time it was fair.
    LJM Hook
    Beware of casino games that have in-app purchases! After 5 years of playing, a level 585 - tier 5 VIP, I've gone through 2 changes of ownership, BFC taking away slots that paid out more frequently & adding new slots that barely pay out. The game has become a "cash grab" than a casino for everyone. Realistically, you cannot play many of the slots unless you pay or win a jackpot because you will never save enough. Once you pay, the odds worsen. I've deleted this game and haven't looked back.
  7. Lots of fun, any time of day.
    Linda Hunt
    Love the slots. Great graphics too. My favourite is Mad Mouse! You could be playing slots with somebody from the other side of the world! Omg lol is great too - only 900 for Max bet. Love the luxury slots, carnival of spins is fun. Big safari is exciting and great for stocking up on gold and reward tickets.
  8. Big Fish Casino
    Gregory Wilson
    Very fun. Great rewards. Wonderful slots. One of the most generous slots. Try the. app. The 3 7's slots are the most generous. They are on fire. I am still playing the slots and they are still very giving. Update, this has got to be one of the best games to play. Still playing. Great app. Try it. I can't brag enough about Big Fish Casino. Just a fun wonderful game
  9. Mandy H
    Love my Big Fish Casino Slots!!!! Always great way to pass a little time with awesome folks from all over. I've had the pleasure of meeting souls as far as Dublin and look fwd to spin time, whether I win or lose!! Thx big fish for being a supporter of insomniacs worldwide!! :)
  10. Love all of it!!!
    cheryl kane
    Tons if fun and a superb staff to handle any questions you may ever have! Take a chance what's the harm? You may have too much fun!
  11. Regina Lorenzen
    Love this game!!! It can be frustrating when they appear to tighten up the slots.. but I'm addicted and play everyday. I've made many friends from all over the world and highly recommend BFC!
  12. BIG Fish
    Rosemary Haas
    Slots . . . It's like life, sometimes life is good and sometimes you loose. Everyday starts with free chips and you play till you go broke or know when to stop. It's a game and very entertaining. Love the variety. Good Luck when you play, please be polite.
  13. Chris T
    I really enjoy playing all the games on BF. Helps me to unwind after a long day. I have met many great people while the new look & the freebies....and the oportunities yo win MILLIONS with your promos....have not yet been chosen but I will not give up.
  14. The best (The Update) added 7/24
    Donna Marie
    Best slot app out there. Love it...ummm DENITA WARREN I think you are the one that needs to loosen up!! And anytime I had an issue that required customer support not only were they very kind but usually answered me within 24 hours..BigFish is the best!! If u have it installed already keep it, if u dont install it !!! You are missing out on fun different casino game. TO BIG FISH REPS THE UPDATE IS GREAT BUT GIFTS R NOT SHOWING UP.
  15. Great game
    Martha Wong
    This is the best game ever. I spend all my time playing it. The bf players are great. And bf is very generous with the chips. Thank you bf!
  16. Roulette
    Morena Krause
    Love the game. But it will tell you that you were out of chips or you have left the room while in the middle of the game. Rejoining the room you came from is difficult if at all other than that the game is enjoyable
  17. Big Fish
    Patricia Predmore
    This game is fun to play on my Galaxy 5. I like that there are so many choices of different games to play. Would be nice if it paid out more. Months later and I'm still enjoying this game.
  18. Great for chatting with friends and family
    charles turner
    But the spin ratio of the slots win percentage. Is very terrible doesn't add up in your favor. And if you do buy chips doesn't help.
  19. Need to fix the freezing up problem not happy
    paul norman
    I'm trying to get the slots to boot up then it go into todays bonus and freezes up. It won't let me go any further need u to fix it
  20. Great gambling fix with lil risk of financial issues!!
    Nancy Kincheloe
    New website... not sure it's any better but will update after playing for a while. All considered still great fun for FREE! Join in today!


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