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Reviews 15,579

  1. Darren Webb
    Love it! Think it's one of the better ones, just wish there was more than 1 jackpot symbol would show up at a time.
  2. Was worth 4 stars.
    John Prins
    Now barely 1 star. Adding tournament was an absolute disaster. I was enjoying this game but now find it sooo frustrating. Won't be playing any more.
  3. Love the game
    Jason Sychla
    Finally a developer with good customer service. Unlike doubleDownCasino or dragon play they will just steal your money from your visa and there's no way to get what you paid for or your money back
  4. Awesome
    Shelley Young
    I live winning millions o dollars. I just wish it was real money. Lol
  5. Shakespeare slots
    Bridget Callahan
    Like it a whole lot but very tired of not getting bonuses ready to uninstall.
  6. Would have rated higher but not with empty promises from spending money
    Randall Duncan
    Game is good but I have now purchased twice so I can do the respin feature in free games and I get the credits and it won't let me respin just asks me to buy more and plus I didn't get the first time purchase bonus. And on one of the games I have gotten free spins like 10 times and always gives me the lowest prize lowest amount of spins at 1x which is kinda making me feel this game is just to get money out of you consistently.
  7. Jason Croswhite
    My wife steals my phone to play it
  8. 5 stars
    Rhonda Carter
    One of my new favorite games..big bonus,big wins and fast moving.. The three must haves in a good game...
  9. Lisa Hubbell
    Loads of fun plenty of free money love this game
  10. No way
    jose alonso
    I am very dissapointed... Winning its to low bonusses are ridiculous and scatter so bad, no way i am going to delete it.
    This is a very good game with exciting graphics, excellent payouts and lots of bonus money. Love Shakespeare slots.
  12. Shakespeare slots
    Barbara Brown
    It's one of the best slots I've ever played
  13. Tia Wright
    Love this game and how the club earns you even more coins on a daily basis
  14. Same old same
    David Steele
    Fun for a minute but lose lose lose why even try
  15. Yet another money maker
    Sara Sparrowgrove
    I hardly ever win on this anymore. Yet another game who has changed for the worst. All I do is see my coins get lower and lower. Get my coins play for less than 5 min and they are gone. Even when I purchase coins. I am seriously thinking of just deleting this game. Greedy people just want to make money
  16. Not about chance at all
    Tyler Vanlue
    I really liked this game, until it became overwhelmingly obvious that the game is programmed to be generous at the start, and then once you've had fun, deplete your funds so that they can push their "deals" on buying coins for more money.
  17. Shakespeare Slots
    Sandy Johnson
    This is one of the best new slot games to play! There are so many fun games to choose from, they pay very well and consistent! Love these games!!
  18. Hmm
    Deborah Yearick
    The graphics are good, and when I'd first downloaded I'd been winning consecutively until I leveled up. However, I am not receiving any of my winnings from my trunk bonus choices. Have picked the money bag at least twice, which according to your own game is supposed to be the jackpot amount of a million, never credited the amount and now I am not receiving any of the bonus choice trunks money values. Aren't these supposed to be my every 4 hour coin bonuses? Because I'm not receiving the amount chosen. Thank you for responding, but Google is saying they can't deliver my email to the one you've listed. Do you have another?
  19. Mickey Preston
    I love, u game the payoffs are great the bonuses are excellent and u get a lot of them and when u playing u win way more then u lose the only thing is when u first start playing the skulls that are fire when u get spins until the 3 skulls come, up again it used to be 2 to 3 hundred thousand and that was great what got me addicted to the game but now it has been about 3 months and now u are lucky to get 40 or 50 bef poo re it stops if u are lucky would like to see it back the way it was but other then that the game is great one of the best I have ever played would tell anyone who asked to download cause u get 6 other games with it too awesome whooever came up with it was just awesome would give it more then 5 STARS IF I COULD TOTALLY AWESOME THANKS FOR THE INVENTION of this game its totally great
  20. Wonderful themes and fantastic graphics
    Anahid Simonis
    Love these wonderful looking slot machines and enjoy them greatly. Thank you for making them available to us . If you're a history lover ,you will love these games ! Just give them a try and enjoy your travel into another era


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