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  1. Good products, mobile friendly, great interface!
    Jeffrey Chen
    Cool App. Easy to use and easy to navigate because it is well organized. Will definitely buy here and recommend it to others!!
  2. Hito
    Jaycee C. Melendres
    I never used such an app like this before, but when this shopee appeared. I am amazed and i think im addicted to use and shop to this application. its very convenient, very User friendly and a hassle-free buying, everyone who will use this im sure they'l love it :)
  3. Cool App for shopping..
    Richard Vilar
    Nice app.. Easy to use.. I'll definitely going to tell my friends to try the app..
  4. Shopee PH is amazing!
    lonnie cunanan
    Im so excited for word to say amazing...the best
  5. Taking online shopping to a whole new level
    Edward Santos
    Shopee is truly taking the online market industry by storm. With its extremely user-friendly interface and numerous features unavailable in other apps of its kind, Shopee is definitely the go-to app when it comes to online shopping. A must have for shopaholics and casual shoppers alike.
  6. Finally! Shopee PH!
    Mark Hennesy Santos
    Highly recommend shopping app! Incredible values on products and a wide variety of items to choose from. Love it!
  7. Amazing App!
    Justine Ayroso
    More cool items to choose from. Can't wait to check them yay! :)
  8. Great App!
    Alpg Seif
    Thank you Shopee for being just what I need! Great app!
  9. This is awesome!
    Micah Joy Liwanag
    Very cool app. Shop anytime, anywhere. Hassle-free buying and selling.
  10. I love shopee
    ryan santillan
    app is very easy to use and interesting items can be found and bought in shopee.i will definitely promote this app to all my friends and 12 groups in my social media accounts. thanks shopee
  11. Great!
    Kamill Paral
    Very helpful. User friendly. Easy to navigate. Made shopping easier.
  12. Best mobile shopping experience!
    Kaye-Ann Perez
    Sooo happy that Shopee is finally here in the Philippines! The biggest and most awaited mobile shopping experience is now on our fingertips! Happy shopping! :)
  13. Isn't It Amazing!
    Nico San Juan
    A new and exciting way to shop online Shopee........
  14. Shopee PH is cool
    Arjay Geocallo
    Looking forward for more updates and items in the market. I'm a big fan of online shopping and will to add Shopee in my list where can i buy my stuffs. More power to shopee #shopeePH
  15. Newest Marketplace App!
    Eyah Ballada
    This is such a cool app. I find it easy to browse it. I might skip going to the mall and just do mobile shopping instead.
  16. Work and shopping at the same time!
    Shayne Valderrama
    Nice! A very convenient app for a online shopper like me. I can shop and sell anywhere even in a very busy day at work.
  17. Joshua Briones
    Cool Interface, and very user friendly =)
  18. User friendly and all feature works!
    Feye Lotho
    I have never enjoyed browsing this much! Items were categorized in accurate detail! Fun and hassle-free shopping it is! :D
  19. Buying and Selling on Mobile!
    Ronn Franco
    Looking forward to buy and sell using only my smartphone for free anytime, anywhere!
  20. Superb!
    carl celino
    Nice interface and it is sooooo easy to use! :) PLUS, they make sure buyers and sellers are always updated. BEST!


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