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Stephen Banfield | CFO at TPG Telecom Limited

Sydney, Australia |

Danny Brady | Qld Sales Manager (TPG Business Sector)

Brisbane, Australia |

Bryant Haslam | Channel Sales Manager (Victoria) at TPG Telecommmunications Group

Melbourne, Australia |

Jessica Arcila | Project Manager at TPG Telecom

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Reviews 58,807

  1. Awesome
    Priya Kri
    It's too good. Everyone should install it as you can never get bored with this app. Every time you open it you can find something new to do. It's simply superb 3 cheers for it
  2. Wow and I wasn't even looking for a game
    Alejandro Lanza
    So cool! Everyone should install this game.all the interactions are quite awesome!
  3. Best free app ever
    Ridwaan Ebrahim
    Worked smoothly on my s2. Its a bit laggy on my s4, nevertheless best app ever
  4. Cool.
    Kafa F.
    I liked this game especially since I played something similar to this as a child (quicksand hell pyro 2). I only put 4 stars because it didnt have tat one feature I was lookn for... the zombies. It's basically the same thing but there is another feature where u can put zombies in (which r literally stick figurines) and do as such to it. That was one of the things I was rlly lookn for ^^
  5. Really cool love it . could've been much better
    madeeha rida
    Amazing I really love it. It can b better, but still its really cool
    Nanda Rizky
    Too bad there's only 5 stars, i'd be happy to rate this game with 100 stars. Just amazing. Its free, and its amazing
    Andrew Sellers
    I made many projects with this app. Helped me in my studies a bit. Its a must have, this game is. I found that you can create scenes then watch as fire, lava, or torch utterly obliterates. Works perfectly on nexus7, no lag, no troubles at all! GET THIS APP!
  8. Fun and stimulating
    Zeri Blackheart
    Great app! I remember playing this on addicting games, and it was always interesting to see how all the different elements interact. This is almost as good as that original game(missing a few things) but still a great time waster that really gets you thinking. Like a little digital chemistry set
  9. Great app
    Kenny Baldwin
    The only thing I would change is an even smaller pen size, about one pixel wide. That would let you do some cool things this the clock stopped. Maybe a zoom feature too.
  10. Surprisingly excellent!
    Julio Dorian
    I didn't expect a lot but as an app evaluator, teacher and mom I must give my positive feedback. Watching my 8yo. Son creating his own scientific experiments, even fully narrated stories using our app means you are offering much more than many children apps developers ( trust me, tested hundreds) I'm not even sure you created this app for kids at all! I can see a few developmental points to make it more child friendly, multisensory and educational but so far great job! Thanks
  11. Unique and relaxing!
    BethAnn Mayberry
    Lovely game, of you can even call it a game. Just a nice soothing thing, perfect for anxiety
  12. A good start.
    Robert Healey
    I like it so far. I think a few small additions would make this awesome. I'd like to see a save feature so I can keep some of the more time consuming builds or even an option to share save files with other users. I also thought maybe a reverse version of the "membrane" option would be nice to keep steam from falling back to its heat source... I guess without the rambling, I mean to say that I enjoy this and would like to see it grow.
  13. Good
    Daniel McPeak
    Still not as good as Dust by Dan-ball(the original that is also on the playstore) but it's pretty darn respectable. Just needs more elements and effects that weren't on the original.
  14. Fun to do in free time
    Rhyan Seng
    I used to play these games all the time if I ever got bored, for some reason it was a game that kept me occupied for awhile, lol. One thing I think would be cool is to be able to change the direction of the falling elements by rotating your device.
  15. sand
    Nur Aina syakirah
    i like it it's very cool and nice game,i love it,it's very fun,my mummy also like it,love sand game...<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
  16. Why has it stopped?
    Risteria Thomas
    I try to get on but it says the game stopped. It looks like a fun game though.
  17. Awesome and cool game
    Luke Lane
    Fool around with sand. Not just sand, however. You can blow things up, make lava, water, mix things up and make explosions, all sorts of things. Also, get the premium version! It costs only $0.99 and adds a ton of cool stuff!
  18. Sand♥♡♥♡♥♡★★★☆★:-)
    Eli Shane
    Cool Asome and sweet I love it was cool.
  19. Superb
    Hameed Shaik
    I loved it good time pass worth 5star it will be more awesome we can record it as video
  20. Gud!!!
    murtaza reshamwala
    The nt so gud grphics made me give 1 star less . Any one can show his/her scientific creativity on it


What`s new

Added element description popups
Fixed instruction screen size.
Fixed density issues with some elements.
Gained another 10% speed boost.
Added link to premium version inside help.