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مجرم قيمز


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  1. Good game, MAJOR MAJOR bug
    Teen Tesla
    The game is so fun, but you really can't get very far due to one major issue. There are major extremely hindering lag spikes. The spout will just keep going in whatever direction and one cannot change that. Leading to a quick and annoying death, this happens more and more as you get higher up ;(
  2. Simple, fun, good music, fast.. Perfect
    wade chaffins
    So before I gave it a 3 star because I thought more could have been done. But with the new music and it still starts so fast and runs so smoothly it is PERFECT! I absolutely love the new music it is perfect! The game is amazing but could use a new game mode maybe? Great job guys :)
  3. Great, but I have one request.
    Reyse Taylor
    I love everything about this game, the music (even though I don't listen to it in game), the core gameplay is very satisfying, and the sounds of the character shooting out his/her pixels WAS great. That was one of the main reasons I enjoyed this game so much. So please, just add an option in to toggle the sounds of the character, and I will be one super happy person!
  4. Thanks app all knight
    Wigler Online
    Love it oh yeah yall need some vsauce 3
  5. Curt Toppin
    Was a great game even before the update. The joystick controls make it even better.
  6. It's pretty good
    Torin Ward
    I would just like it to have some more in it, maybe something like a new game mode
  7. Best game ever
    This Guy Awesome
    I like the fact that there's no objective☺
  8. Cool game
    Jarrett Maisey
    I just got the game and I love it
  9. Rachel Reyes
    Awesome game, love the soundtrack to pieces and the retro feel is really amazing. Thank you for making this game :)
  10. Ben Johns
    I like everything but the new controls they suck
  11. Hacks!!
    dineen garry
    I love the game and I am near the top of the leaderboards but I can't get any higher on them because of hacks, people getting a score of 999,999,999 is just impossible! If u can please remove these obvious hacks, I will rate 5 stars again, thank you.
  12. Crashes on startup
    Scotty Automatic
    This is one of my favorite mobile games. Sadly the most recent update doesn't seem to work on my 2013 Moto X. Hopefully this is resolved soon.
  13. Controls
    Guramba Bogdan Alexandru
    Why would you change the was perfect...bad choice..too bad because it was a 5 star game...I enjoyed it though
  14. Great Game but...
    pwnulatr , ULATR
    It's a great concept and a great execution, but the game appears more pixelated than when I was using my iPod Touch 5th Gen. It could be because I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the screen curvature is messing with the resolution. I don't know, but it would be great to see this fixed.
  15. Good Game
    Wasim Rahaman
    Fun to play, a little hard to control but still good. As with many games, the ads are a bit annoying.
  16. The kind of game that makes you fall in love with games
    Rodolfo Ludena
    I like the way the water/pixels shoots out and breaks all the walls and obstacles plus it's one of those games that makes you hit the retry button and there's simple controls
  17. Great game but..
    Moritz S
    When I restart after I crash my ship I will have a blank screen for over 10 seconds, which seems like a long loading time for such a simple game. Please fix this and I will enjoy it even more :)
  18. Great game but…
    Rūdolfs Kalniņš
    I have a problem with the in-game text being fuzzy/blurry. I have a Nexus 4 with Android Lollipop 5.0.1. Hope you can soon fix the problem!
  19. Amazing game
    Liam Arduino
    This game has a brilliant concept, and I like the controls a lot. However, the hit detection can be a bit inconsistent. Not sure if deliberate, but I wanted to put it out there.
  20. Simple and pleasurable
    Andrew Quartermain
    The early game is great fun - 5 stars - until you get past a certain level and then it's just grind/boring through solid rock all the way up. Still there's much to love about it.


What`s new

- Super cool chiptune music!
- Bug fixes: no more pixelated font on Lollipop
- Minor bug fixes
- Crash fixed on Android devices under Lollipop! Thanks to everyone who reported the issue!

As usual if you have any issues or bugs please contact me! Thanks for playing :)