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لعبة سوليتير


Monthly active users estimation: 2,500,000

Reviews 109,440

  1. Roydon Carrick
    tired of all the ads that pop up every time you won a game. I'm guessing the game got a up date that added this. if you don't like having to deal with being careful about not clicking on ads all the time then this app isn't for you.
  2. Bill
    William Davison
    Used to be great, really enjoyed free cell to wile away a few minutes. Now I spend those free minutes deleting the ads for all sorts of things eg why would. I want an Asian dating site. What would my wife think of meif she saw that !! Now hate this app and will be deleting. Would not mind paying acouple of pound to rid it completely of ALL advertising.
  3. Video Ads
    Yvonne Raphael
    I like to play mindless repetitive games in the wee hours during bouts of insomnia. I am especially fond of solitaire. I favored your app over those which were more convenient to use. I preferred the lack of gimmicks. Today's video ads, woke my partner up and startled me. I had no control over the volume. There was no notice about changing ad styles and formatting. No way to opt out. Annoying as hell! I already have no interest in the ads you put up between games. Why would I want to watch a video? Delete!
  4. DELETE - ADVERTISING is a problem
    Max Martin
    Enjoyed the game for a long time... huge mindless time-killer though! Today's update is a problem: Ads between games is too intrusive and wastes data! GOOD BYE!!!!
  5. Awful ads
    Ana Claasen
    I'm so sad that my formerly beloved freecell app has been updated to be full of ads. This app used to be almost perfect. I even forgave the annoying spelling error in the pop-up "Stucked? Hints are for you!" But the latest update has transformed it for the worse. I doubt I'll play much more, and as soon as I find a replacement that sucks less, this one will be deleted. What a shame!
  6. Used to love this app
    Laura O'Keefe
    I loved playing the games, but suddenly I'm overloaded with pop-up ads after each hand! Hate, hate, hate this!!!
  7. Ad Pop ups
    Susan Harrington
    Love Spider Solitaire. Been playing for several years. Now these annoying Pop up Ads are so frustrating. Deleting. Shame. Feel like I lost my best friend :-(
  8. Really?
    Michael Landi
    Used to be awesome. Now theres annoying ads after every game I play and it's awful
  9. Update
    Patricia Casey
    Pop Up ads. Ridiculous. Very annoying. I really Used it like this Solitaire game better than all others.
  10. Ads have ruined it
    Soul Tpp
    I loved this app up until the last day or so. I did not mind the flash ad or banner ad on title screen. Now though I am getting intrusive ads between games. Video ads in particular are a particular annoyance of mine. I had already ditched and down rated another solitaire app because of intrusive ads, looks like I will be forced to do so again if things do not change.
  11. Wanda Forrester
    This once was my favorite time killer but with all the ads for games I obviously don't want to ruined it for me. Therefore I'm deleting you!
  12. Ads that is all
    Thomas Moore
    This game already had game ads made by same company witch was fine and I did download a few. But this B.S with more ads and they are video this is crap. Sorry but until those extra ads come down I will be deleting and wont change my rating until they come down. This was an awesome and probly the best solitaire game out there. So thank you for ruining it for me. Good day sir!
  13. Used to be great
    Ondel Meeks
    Until 9/8 update. Added fullscreen ads each time you win. Used to have 1 fullscreen ad on startup and banner ads each win. Nigh unusuable now.
  14. Ads really?
    Brian C
    Was great till 9/8 update. It help me get to sleep at night now I have to find a new ad free app.
  15. New ads have killed it
    Chuck Wilkes
    Latest update with incredibly intrusive ads has killed what was one of my favorite pastimes. Really bad move. I'm planning to delete it completely now.
  16. Randy Wiesner
    I liked this game alot until the last upgrade. It is too much a pain to play. You can keep all your adds. And your game. If you want to go back to loose the adds, I will play again. Way to market you right out of business.
  17. Gary Czupinski
    I used to really enjoy this app. Played it constantly. Now, with full screen popup ads, not worth it. Everyone loses. I quit.
  18. Loved until 9/8
    Full screen video ads after every game? No thanks.
  19. Too many ads
    Tony Keith
    Was good but ads are out of hand now. Going to try another. Uninstalled
    Deva Lingemann
    New update today ruined this app. Used to be irritating but ignorable ads, now they blanket the page and almost ambush you so that you accidentally access them and are hijacked from the game. Unless it gets changed back, I'm done.


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v2.7: Fixed some minor bugs in the last update. Thanks.

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