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  1. What is going on?
    Jabe Hosking
    When I try to shoot he aims out of his sniper or go to a different target it. Its not responding or doing what i am telling it to like shooting doing want to respond right away(like it should). Great game and fun game its not one of those games that just hold your hand and tell you how to kill somone you find it out yourself like square enix founded for.
  2. Bagus Setiawan AJI
    Worth to pay! The gameplay is simple but really nice. Don't forget to use headphone or earphone to get the best sound. Maybe later add another location, so we're not a bit boring to play in the same location.
  3. Game reset itself lost everything!!
    Kevin Khan
    Bought the game... still had in app purchases... anyways bought 2 guns extra spent another 10$.. ok cool... playing for almost 2 weeks today everything is reset?!? Lost my purchases and progress wtf???? Nice scam thx
  4. So much fun!
    Paris Campos
    i love getting all those points from goofy kills and the other awesome stuff that can happen in the game. Will more maps be comming?
  5. Great game.
    Bona Fide
    There is only 1 map but it's not so bad considering its quite large and you have to plan out and queue your kills. Unfortunately their is some major lag on my device and their is Absolutely no graphic settings to modify. I had to overclock my gpu minimum down throttle to keep it running smoother. Seems to keep my gpu at low clocks and not use the full power. Please fix that.
  6. Finally
    richard laporte
    I've been waiting for this game since I heard it was coming out last year and we'll it has been worth the wait love the game and love that it keeps that hitman feel it's not a watered down mindless shooter like others are...
  7. Awesome game!
    Tony Nguyen
    It's a really good game. Love how they mix same scenarios with different objectives everytime. Only problem is the random aim move. I would be aiming at a guy and then all of a sudden my aim shifts to a random spot. But using the aim button fixes it! Why can i not use the leadership board?? It says I don't have connection when clearly I do!
  8. Not working on my GS5
    Adam Funderburk
    Bought this app really looking forward to playing it, however it just sits there on the loading screen saying Installing 100% for 5+ minutes (I couldn't stare at it for a lot longer than that) so I uninstalled and refunded my $$, I tried again later and same crap, but now I can't get my $$ back even though I was still within the 15 minute window.... Please fix or give me my $$ back and I'll spend it elsewhere....
  9. Dope game 4 real!
    Rich King
    It's console quality sniping on your phone. I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME!!!
  10. Crash simulator 2015
    Alex Niedt
    I absolutely love the Hitman franchise, so it pains me to say it, but this game is akin to a steaming pile of garbage on both devices on which I've installed it (I'm typing this from the LG G4). I'm being extremely kind in awarding this two stars simply because I loved playing the first few levels among dozens of crashes, restarts, reports sent, caches cleared, uninstalls, reinstalls, etc. I'll be waiting impatiently for a patch so I can play the game to the fullest and change the tune of this review!
  11. Lots of diverse missions
    matt johnston
    Really enjoy this. Thought it would get boring quick but the objectives they give proved to be a challenge.
  12. Love it!
    Stephen Amos
    Fantastic game, one map but so much longevity! Amazing music too, I have been playing this non stop for months. Doesn't constantly need in app purchases either which is good.
  13. Awesome game.
    Tobias Fünke
    Very fun. Graphics are great but tends to just close itself out after each mission
  14. Finally
    Robert Espinoza
    The game is finally here and I'm loving it I love sniping games and I've always liked the hitman franchise. Some lag from time to time but definitely not a deal breaker c: worth the money to me can get repetitive at times but game makes me feel like I'm the sniper and if taking these people down no remorse! Love it!
  15. Wow...
    Eric Leef
    Really surprised at this game, nice graphics, good sound, controls are decent and responsive and plenty of replay potential! I'm still finding crative ways to dispose of bad guys! Playing on a S5.
  16. Good
    Joseph Chavez
    Its a really good game and worth the pay for an actual good sniper game. But add a new location bc its gets really boring
  17. Hitman is my favorite franchise...
    Joe Brumfield
    I'm behind the curve when it comes to new consoles, but from my first xbox game purchase of Hitman 2 back in 02 through Blood $, I will awayssupport all things Hitman including when I upgrade systems. This is incredibly good for mobile. I too hope more levels are on the way. With GTA on mobile, the first 4 of the Hitman series should be doable too. Keep it coming guys! Loving it!
  18. Continue to love all the Hitman games
    Richard McLean
    Awesome game. Bit repetitive but I think there is plenty of room for expansion. Overall aces.
  19. Almost perfect
    Peter Bustraan
    Probably my favorite game of this subgenre, however some paywal guns and slow progression bog it down. Payed day 1 dlc aside this is an interesting and fun take on the sniper fps.
  20. Great game
    Timothy Michael
    Need to add more location, but still worth the money. Go for roof kills and drop the guard into the hot tub, then go for target


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