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Reviews 45,472

  1. Just DL the app yesterday.
    Rick Buisson
    There are no instructions on how to use the app, all that I get is sign up for premium service. I would like to try it first before I subscribe to the app. Where's my wife at right now, don't know sign up for premium first then we will show you. Not Cool.
  2. Lori Fuerniss
    My kids are in the same area but show up in different places. Does not update their location. Sometimes it is 5 hours ago. Do you need the premium version to do live tracking?
  3. leslie lewis
    Not to accurate, updates are slow so my daughter will be on the opposite side of town than what the locator shows. It's more like " Where she has been not where she actually is "
  4. Angie R
    This gps tracker often shows my family is a couple of blocks from where they actually are. Also, it shows me a couple of blocks away from my actual location. My boyfriend uploaded this app for us after he lost his phone a few weeks ago. If it happens again he doesn't want to have to search for it in such a wide range area.
  5. Increasing frustration
    Lori Hardgrave
    Started out ok, now can't track for sh*t!. It currently says my daughter is 300 miles away, but she is actually with her grandparents only 50 miles away...I paid for premium, and there is no better accuracy..I want my money back!!
  6. karen haig
    Let's me know where daughter is but not in real time....sometimes 5 mins and other can be an hour....
  7. Best App
    amr abbas
    Better than other apps...due to amazing the amazing shortest interval duration....5 minutes
  8. Good
    Emil P.
    But how can one change the mode of sending notifications / invitations - at the first sending of invitation the app is granting a choice and makes the first choice as a default - then there is no option to send notification or invitation via other app different from the first choosen.
  9. Worked like a charm on a sneaky teen
    Jennifer Crane Hill
    Daughter snuck out, zone alert let me know she left the safe zone, and I was able to track her to the boy's house where they had stopped. I didn't even need to call the police. Led me straight to her. A+. Worked perfectly.
  10. Works great!
    Emanuel T.
    I'm using it to monitor family members from Inland Empire to LA County. I just discontinued my ATT family Map.
  11. Cannot change notification sound
    Timothy Hastie
    Please add feature to change notification sound. You can't set it. So it uses the default notification. I'll give 5 stars if it had this feature
  12. Yes!!!
    Amanda Jackson
    I absolutely love this app. My father and i use it to keep track of each other, give short cuts, and of course get directions to each other when we are both out and about.
  13. Where am I
    Dougie Underwood
    Has me at the neighbors, kid next street over. We know where are kids are anyway! Inaccurate probably so you spend money.
  14. Excellent but could be improved
    s portz
    Trend Security frequently tells me that I should remove this app as it has the zbot virus. I use this app to track my disabled son. It was easy to set up (unlike Life360). It is usually accurate. I have even tracked and intercepted my son when he took the wrong bus. However, it sometimes fails to update for 30+ minutes (set to 5 minutes) or asks me to log in again. It also requires GPS on to continue which can drain his phone battery in about 4 hours. I set his Samsung S2 to saver mode at 30% battery.
    I tracked my spouse from maputo all the way up to chimoio into Zim. Very good app.
  16. Michael Chalkley
    After trying it seems a good app, so I went premium, paid for the year, after a month keeps asking me to go premium and not letting me view history, seems to have reverted back to free version!! Have been onto sygic for the last 5 days, still no further, and now seem to be ignoring me!! Been using now for a while on premium, does not update as it should, intervals vary between 5 min and 1-2 hours, not very good for real time tracking....I definitely will not be renewing my subscription
  17. Diana Ilarraza
    Sometimes it's good, but some other times it way off, at least by a mile or more.
  18. SM
    shawn middleton
    You improve the "app" but don't have to have the newest operating system. Must have the newest phones? This doesn't have to be done! All phones should be able to use the app. Staying from this app and company!
  19. Disappointed
    eddie 1175
    Checked out a family member nearby and it displayed them across town..does this frequently, it's not accurate or precise, but it's a good conversation piece..thanks for the laughs..
  20. Eric Lang
    Availability is a major issue..... Need it to be able to be downloaded on all devices not just some..... What good is it if i can track only part of my family ..... Please make this app compatible with every phone and i will give 5 stars....