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  1. Great sounds and voice samples
    Laura Lyons
    It's charming. Flip open and close..sound effects, the option to dial..but it would be straight amazin' if i could answer a call by flipping open the communicator! I was bummed it didn't happen when i got a call haha. It's most definently worth a dollar!
  2. Worth 99c for the giggle
    Linda J. Scott
    Played with it once thus far and I already got my money's worth. Now, if I can use those sounds in my notifications.....
  3. Its good
    Alan N
    The app is amazing. The only thing I don't like are the sounds they have when you click the two buttons. But other than that its great
  4. STC.
    John McCloskey
    For an old school Star Trek fan it doesn't get any better. Thanks guys!
  5. Motorola RAZR HD LTE CyanogenMod
    Spero Betas
    Thank you so much. Works perfect. A true geeky kind of thing. Only 1 dollar folks so you cannot expect a " real " working communicator. That takes research, algorithms, time, and MONEY to get what some are asking for. Be happy with this application.
  6. Mark Stokes
    No ringtones or message alert tones to use. Great if you just want to push buttons and listen to random noises and quotes from the series. OK for kids on that basis but not worth paying for
  7. Fun but useless.
    RiCK B
    Would be great if it had some practical or useful functions to integrate into my phone.
  8. Why no updates? Why limited functions?
    Joel Copeland
    My Android phone deserves to be as much TREK as I want it to be. This app raises expectations then dumps them down the toilet for overall function and adaptation to being the visual basis for my phone. Would I pay $10 for a fully functional ST:TOS communicator? Believe it. I want to flip it open, touch the buttons and start screen navigation. The three buttons should allow Phone, Web, and Favorite apps. The swirling button should open the screen to available apps. Voice activation is madatory.
  9. A total sadness
    James Tompkins
    I was looking for a phone ringer app where u can have your phone ring when calls come in like the sound u here with there communicator. U here sound like the sound of u bieng beamd up like then u here "kirk to interprise kirk to interprise come in." This is a toy and had high hopes. I guess i wasn't they only one foold by this. Im getting my refund NOW !!!
  10. Great but could be more
    Christopher Gass
    Lots of nerdy fun but could be so much more. As others have said flip open and maybe push a button to activate voice dialer would be awesome. Would be cool to be able to hail other people too
  11. Could have improvements
    Chris R
    The flip should answer the phone, and get rid of dial pad just take to phone's own dialer. Should be able to set incoming comm ringtone easily. Should be able to select active sound effects switching off most especially voices. Inside of comm should be a resizeable widget. This way the phone is still usable. Also option for phone to lock 1 second after shutting comm.
  12. Meh
    Ashley Scarborough
    It looks cool but I would like it to be more functional and actually do something. It is a dialer and that's nice but was else does it do that's functional? I could really do without the phrases from the show as it makes it seem like a baby toy. I would say get rid of the phrases and replace with something more worthwhile like actual functionality of some sort. There are plenty of good suggestions for you developers to consider in the comments.
  13. This is a must have for every Star Trek fan
    DONNA Arsenault
    A must have for every Star Trek(TOS) fan....Nerds,Geeks,Theoretical Physicists,everyone! Realistic soundboard, "Flips open"on screen just like the original with that familiar chirping, has hailing alert,and all your favorite show dialogue,sound effects,and favorite crew members,Capt.Kirk,Spock,Sulu. & Uhura,Scotty,Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy,Chekov....Also has a keypad for phone use and access to contact list right on the app...Tons of fun X 2! This is the official communicator! Have fun,Joe Arsenault
    Mercedes Benz
  15. Bloody beauty mate
    shayne lipsham
    Love any thing Star Trek from Auckland New Zealand
  16. Kool app for Trekkies but nearly useless for daily (phone) use
    John hill
    I love the flip up/ open action with sounds. I love the authentic look, but for a pay app it needs more. At least have it activate voice dialing, or make the app have a mode that starts up/ answer calls with a flip also. Not greatly impressed but I will keep it in hopes that more creativity is in the next update. And have a setting to drop the voices, I'm 43 and recorded voices are not thrilling beyond 2 minutes.
  17. like it a lot
    Clayton Dawson
    I really like this app being the trekie that I am... but I agree with others... I would pay more for real features... to have it cone up when I receive a call if I want... too have the communicator be my main ring tone etc. Is there still development going on this app?
  18. Tweet Tweet
    William G
    Works great. I mainly like the tweeting, and opening and closing of image cover. Now when I make a phone call I can have fun with the sound effects of it. I wish they could make the swirling affect do other things too, like radar-ish things, or digital readouts, or phone number dialing, or whatever creative things to bring out the imagination for us. Thanks for this app again-GREAT job.
  19. Good times and well worth a buck!
    Omar Jackson
    Love the flip open communicator with a flick of my wrist, so cool. It would be really good if you could add voice dialer feature when you open up the communicator! If you did that this would be the bomb app!
  20. Hailing Frequencies Open.
    Carlos Teran
    It's a must-have for every Trekker with an Android phone. That's a given. However I wasn't as pleased as I could be. The iOS version of this app has more sound options and has better screen graphics (quality wise). I don't know why, but I can't open the three setting dots on my HTC One M7. I assume it's a platform limitation of some sort.



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