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gacha world anime
галакси он фаер 2



Jason Luo | Vice President at Tap4Fun

中国 |

stan xu | CEO & Co-founder at Tap4Fun

四川 成都 |

罗志华 (Frank) | project manager

四川 成都 |

Kun (Edward) Peng | Game Designer at Tap4Fun

北京 海淀区 |

Reviews 515,264

  1. Not loading
    Shubham Srivastava
    It's not opening just stuck on after logging in play id and doesn't start. I have tried many times but all in vain.
  2. merle donaldson
    It's a pretty good game, great graphix, but auto save 200-300 pics to my phones photo album... it's annoying...
  3. Fun so far
    Phillip Moakes
    Playing without purchase so far, it's ok though the battles seem a little too automated, hopefully that'll improve as i unlock more skills i'm also wondering how it'll play without the vip free trial. Like i say, fun so far.
  4. What happened
    A. Finch
    App of the day just offered $17 worth of bonuses, your Play page says $9.99. I was unable to get anything despite it stating 'get for free' cadet pack. It prompted the Gplay purchases confirm pop up, then the game quit. Oh well, no big loss so long as I wasn't charged. This is the third T4F game to cause problems that I've used. Getting disappointed in T4F.
  5. Game of tomorrow.
    Tp Adia
    I've been playing this for more than a year. then quitted playing for about half a year coz I thought I am just wasting my time and effort because I don't spend real money. Only real spenders get stronger and only the ones to get to the top. Now I'm back coz it's the only space strat. game that I love but now i'm having issues regarding crashes etc. Maybe some bugs or May be I'm using the same old device that cannot handle the new updates anymore. Well then, i guess i'll see you in the future guys!lol
  6. Half descent
    Charles L
    Submit feedback in game with no response. No way to carry forward game from older device, same flaws from beta and pay to win concept. Top 3 for why I will get rid of again.
  7. Aaron Robinson
    It's awesome except for the fact that it's so hard to earn credits. The previous update gave you 5 credits per level advance in the arena and that was a good thing, especially for the lower level players. But now it's gotten harder to earn them again. And the enhancement cool down is a major major inconvenience. But other than that I say it's pretty awesome!
  8. Daniel Paul
    It will no longer load for me. Do not tell me to ensure I am connected as you have for the others I play this game daily and know how to use my phone. Please fix the issue so I can play again
  9. Share rewards
    Branden Carroll
    I share 1000 times and still don't get rewards, very upset now I'm behind everyone else. After playing this for 2 weeks now I can honestly say this is horribly mundane, nothing new. Same crap over and over and over.
  10. cant bind to facebook...
    Benjamin Fuller
    every time i try to bind my account to facebook, it crashes. please fix this. ill give it 5 after. thats the only prob im having. game runs fine, doesnt sap my battery, just like it used to. please fix
  11. Jason Richards
    It's a fun game and if you like anything to do with role playing it's just like those games. but better. Hope to see you soon on here it's. Awesome.
  12. Account issue
    Justin Castor
    I recently got a new phone and the email that was linked to my acct is on this phone again. My acct was also linked to fb. I can't seem to get my account back any thoughts
  13. I don't know anymore.
    jake Style
    I deleted it and the root folder, then I reinstalled it, then updated it, but now it still won't work.....
  14. Tomasz Piękoś
    Does not work anymore. After splash screen I have black display
  15. Keeps kicking me out
    Dave Parker
    Every time I try to play it'll randomly restart then give me error message.
  16. Good
    chris bassett
    Could use a little more control during the battles
  17. Alex Gorobets
    A game app that kills at least 2 hours of my day. Rating 3/5. Pros: Kills hours of time every day. Interactive management. Competitive. Many Weekly Special Events. Many servers, very active communities on each server. Cons: -Pay to win. Most special events require you to use cash currency. Special events are misleading, and require dropping $100 for a CHANCE at getting the event items. Russian speaking users are the majority, don't expect to find many english speakers. If you are willing to drop ~20 dollars to become competitive and can understand Russian then this game is for you.
  18. Its cool
    John Shanyfelt
    I have fun olaying it wish it didnt give so many push notifications though
  19. Michael Eck
    Cool game but needs better ships at startup
  20. Awsome
    john white
    I love this game. You guys did a great job. Thank u


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Fully optimized the game to reduce crashing and lagging.


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