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Aaron Feliciano | Co Founder at tastypill

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Phillip Kung | Founder at tastypill

Marietta, Georgia |

Reviews 1,677

  1. Ads are annoying
    Kevin Rubio
    Every time I play I can only go 10-20 seconds without a annoying ad pooping out, game is a great challenge but the ads are the problem!
  2. Can you please gtfo of my twitter timeline
    All I see is this shiz on my gaddamn timeline, so kindly do one and p off.
  3. Ads
    Leah Marie
    I would rate it higher but the ads pop up too much. Cant play the game with out one popping up
  4. Good ninja game!
    Jessica Kung
    The ninja guy reminds me of a thug life character lol fun game
  5. Too many ads
    Monisha Lal
    I love it but its just waaaaaaaaaay too many advertisements like I click on the ''x'' and it redirects me to another page like whaaa? When there is less ads then it gets 5 stars:
  6. Good App, terrible ad placement.
    Joshua Keithley
    The only reason I am deleting this game is that the ads pop up mid game. I don't mind ads but when I am trying to play and an ad pops up it absolutely ruins the game for me. If this issue is ever fixed I will gladly re download this game. But until that point in time good riddance.
  7. Fun but to many ads
    Josh Bruce
    I'm playing the game but an ad pops up about every 15 seconds. So annoying uninstalling
  8. Adds
    Ana Pahua
    I love it , it's so addicting but it has to many adds
  9. Alexus Cates
    why are there so many ads ? like I understand an ad here and there but every two games ? That's a little much .
  10. Anthony Abundiz
    Giving 2 Stars Only Because The Volume Controls For My Samsung Mega Dont Work While The Game Is Running. But I Can Raise And Lower When An Ad Pops Up.
  11. destiny dennis
    When i play this game after every two rounds it will stop for an ad or two!!! Please fix the problem.
  12. Good but......
    Loyloy Jackjack
    It's really good exept when your playing the game adverts pop up so you die
  13. Ads
    Ads pop up during the game, after the game. It's too much
  14. Too many ads
    Nick Wells
    The game itself is fun but ads come up during gameplay and there's nothing more irritating than that. When i first downladed the app i didn't even start yet and there were already ads.
  15. Ninja Mission
    crystal park
    This is totally my new favorite game. From now on when I think of fun, I think of this game. It's addicting and playful and just great✴
  16. Nick Brandt
    Adds pop up right in the middle of the game when I'm trying to play. So annoying.
  17. Bryant Oluoch
    the screen fails to respond to the tapping occassionaly .is it a trick to frustrate us more?
  18. Awesome
    Damian Tarr
    I loved cause its like speed is key but slow is key to
  19. Ju'Bari Smith
    I like it but the ads make me not want to play it #gtfo
  20. Would rate 5 but!!!
    Dmariel Smoot
    This is a good game yes. But every time I am doing good an ad pops out in the middle of the game while I am still playing if u took off the ads I will change this rate 4 to a rate 5