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  1. Good game fun
    David Sykes
    Good game fun. Please add stylus support. I would give it 5 stars if i could use my stylus. Smudges make me unhappy.
  2. Very cool for what it does
    Nick Fenwick
    Not sure if this a remake of an old Amiga classic but I've never played a game like it. Simple but original and good slow fun.
  3. Good game
    Paul Gray
    Not the most amazing but a good game and not full of iap, look forward to more. It's free give it a go
  4. Simple and fun
    Kris Augustynski
    Simple dominos type game. Few twists. Handy for wasting proper time.
  5. Challenging. Interesting.
    Maureen McKenna
    It becomes a real challenge but have the option of getting the solution with coins earned (if help is needed, which I utilized). I am able to use my stylus, which has a mesh tip. Helps for accuracy.
  6. Straightforward fun.
    Martin Storey
    Easy to pick up and good fun. Reminds me of the Domino Rally Action Alley I had as a kid.
  7. The Domingos
    Christie Kaiser
    This is a very fun "line em up, knock em down domino game. There are few other games with the same general concepts but no comparison. Clean clear graphics, fun storyline and creative levels puts The Domingos in a category by itself. (As a kid, i thought that is what dominoes were made for, lol)
  8. Cute, unique little game
    Melissa H
    I never thought of how a domino mobile game would play out but I am impressed with how well this one works! Nice theme and graphics. Great job!
  9. Good simple fun
    Andrea Lamb
    Easy to play but some thought provoking situations
  10. A+
    Max Jackson
    Fantastic game one of my new favorites
  11. Best game to use mind
    Shivam Sood
    It is one of the best game i have ever played and want more from it...
  12. Fun, fun, fun!
    Blanca E. Duarte
    Love it more than angry birds! Save those Dominica's!
  13. A truly excellent game
    Giorgos Teoulidis
    Challenging on the mind, addictive and a great time spender game. I only wish it had more levels....
  14. Amazing game !!!
    Vamsi Krishna
    Finally a game which applies science in a fun way. Amazingly original idea to create a nifty puzzle game...
  15. Fun
    Eric Pannell
    So far this has been a good time waste.
  16. Doesn't link to Google+
    Elliott Gray
    Please fix and I will rate 5.
  17. Really loved d graphics n music of d game... d UI of it is wat makes me stick to d game
    Shreedhar Pawar
    Its more than just a puzzle game... overall feel makes it quite addictive
  18. Very interesting!
    Dana Rosenberg
    I love the intuitive design behind this game. Always loved making domino lines!
  19. Awesome
    Shaik Rasheed
    A great combination of graphics, physics and puzzle. Amazing game !!
  20. Awesome Game
    Aabel Alexander
    Good game for kids as well as elders.


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V 1.05
Few bug fixes
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Removed an unnecessary Phone Permission
V 1.03
Black screen issue fixed on Galaxy s3 and other devices
V 1.02
Improved loading times in the mid to low-end devices.
V 1.01
Removed an unnecessary GPS location Permission

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