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  1. Potential 5
    James Fox
    Excellent game to pass the time...requires enough skill to make it fun and challenging! Couple issues: 1. As previously mentioned, no control in 4-6 (start off with one dent, time starts ticking, wheels can turn but nothing else) and 2. It doesn't seem to be tracking the "park without braking" achievement (have completed multiple levels this and still shows 0/20 complete). Fix these issues, easily a 5 star game! Great app...keep the levels coming! Playing on HTC one x+.
  2. Would be 5 stars
    Stephen Miller
    Would be 5 stars but controls quit working on level 4-6 and u can not move the truck...lags at times too lately
  3. David Kolkind
    you can not beat pickup truck it loads the truck in the ground
  4. App store
    Lanisha Baker
    This is a very good app to download every thing u need
  5. Vf
    Anas Maged
    Alanah Jackson avatar image
    Alanah Jackson February 6, 2014
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  6. Home
    Matthias Johnson
    PuRexx Clan avatar image
    PuRexx Clan January 28, 2014
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  7. So different from other parking games.
    eswar flem
    Unlike other parking games, it has much more user CONTROLS and interactions. Cool controllable game. Keep up the good work DEV
  8. This game sucks really bad it wouldn't even let me part:
    Brayden Davis
    Who would like this game no one should download this game
  9. Galaxy Tab 2
    Yash Dheman
    Awesome game to play and pass time
  10. Fun
    Yendi E.
    This is a simple and fun game. Doesn't help that I'm terrible at parking in real life, though! Lol
  11. Nice!
    Shanat Kol
    Nice game, who knew it was fun to park a car !
  12. 4 $TARS .....,
    Aviral Lakhanpaul
    I gave 4stars for the Graphics of the Game .... :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
  13. A900 Qmobile
    Jani Khan
    Very good game for Android devices and I love this game yet
  14. Perfect parking game
    Vasu Paidi
    Perfect parking game. Super controls, non-buggy \u0026amp; exciting! Please increase the number of vehicles or levels!
  15. Really awesome game, but fairly jumpy and inconsistent on my gs3.
    Stephen Smith
    The game is fun and definitely playable. There are a few issues with lag/jumpiness on my phone. I tried turning powersave off, restarting the phone, and disabling all wireless communications. The game is still slightly glitchy.
  16. Really fun time killer
    Pete Pommer
    But the running out of time beeping is way too loud, and a bit annoying, would love am option to disable it but leave the other sounds enabled. Maybe also have a no timer mode, its fun to just drive aroud the courses.
  17. Very fun!
    Jamie Terry
    Its always the most simple games that are the most fun! A classic with a modern play style.
  18. Waiting for more levels and more cars
    sathyaraj shettigar
    Game looks cool. Fun to play. Controls are fluid. 3D HUD looks great. Please add more cars and more vehicles.
  19. Cool
    Laszlo Takacs
    Great graphics and great gameplay, 5 stars
  20. Looks cool
    nick montgomery
    Lots of fun and some original ideas. Well done.