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auralux 2


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  1. Multiplayer?
    Christopher Vaz
    I like this game, but Is there a way you could implement an online multiplayer system, instead of just scores? I know you can pass the phone around but that's kinda annoying.
  2. Алексей Род.
    This game really lacks tutorial page explaining basic rules and game mechanics. At first I even thought that a power of cell depends on cells linked to it (it has bonus for each point-unit it connected cells) or attacks have more power the more your sells linked to that one (influence. The connected cells of the player lower defensive abilities of the enemy's cell). You may think of certain modes of play(rulesets) with same basics bit a bit different gameplay rules. Bonus points for clean looks.
  3. Most addictive and clever game I've played on my phone.
    Rob Lefferts
    It does get to the point where you can win almost every time (keeping it dark increases the difficulty a little), but it's still fun and challenging. Looking forward to the improvements in AI.
  4. Good Game but too easy
    Peter Tung
    Good Game. What would make it 5/5 stars is a better AI. The most difficult setting is a 100% win rate for me, I'd welcome a harder difficulty setting.
  5. Andrew Ahlfield
    Fun game, but I don't understand how to use the "troop movement" feature, if this even exists. I have extra power that is stuck at the back of my base, doing nothing.. Otherwise great simple take on Risk :D
  6. Really great game but
    Eenie Burkeroe
    The only problem I have that many other probably have is that it's too easy. It's only slightly difficult in smaller levels when all of the players are advanced. But winning is around 85%of the time. The rest of the game is fantastic, easy to learn, and smooth. Something to look forward too in updates to come.
  7. Great game. But what r the Rules ? ?
    Sylvio Tonelli
    Real strategy game. Simple efficient. Smart. But what are the *exact * rulrs ? For instance You have a cell with 5 you attack a cell with 3. Well you don't always win. .. anyone?
  8. Great game, but buggy
    daniel wattier
    I love the game. Gameplay is simple but intuitive, and the graphics are sleek. My only complaint is that the statistics page has frozen my stats at 36 games played(even though it's way more) I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but it kept my info and still stats at 36.
  9. Difficult AI needed
    Lauri Jalandi
    The AI gets really easy and predictive after you play 5+ games even at the highest difficulty setting. Maybe add the option to set teams?
  10. Meh
    tyler jeffrey
    It's an okay game, I just don't get the mechanics, sometimes the other teams can eat you when there number is smaller than the one being attacked but when it come to your offence you will struggle to take out a smaller number enemy? I'm confused...
  11. No tutorial
    As the description says it is addictive and strategic BUT WE NEED TUTORIAL to play. Hope the next update will include tutorial. Thanks!
  12. Good, but to easy.
    Newtomic Ntm
    This is a great variation from the traditional DiceWars, but once you learn that you can put the reinforcements where you want it's just to easy!
  13. Cracking and hypnotic!!
    Jacob Z Klimaszewski
    Really great game for lovers of RISK etc etc. Clean visuals and the ability to watch the AI play is mesmerising. Also network features are cool. *****
  14. siavash mozaffari
    Extremely addictive for strategic lovers...very simple, but deserves to get a high five
  15. BIGSHOW77ful
    Got to make it harder. The A.I.'s are easy to beat once you figure out how they play.
  16. Love it. but...
    ultra bruce
    Great game but needs more options and stats. Aswell as the info on how much damage is needed to take over another tile
  17. Great, simple strategy game
    Christopher Cottell
    Really nice interface, quick but could do with a tougher setting.
  18. Fun
    Tyler Manthei
    Great game but I wish the random factor wasn't as strong. Concrete numbers should have more influence so that enemies can't overpower your equal army and bulldoze through weak spots.
  19. AI is too simple
    Jari Beguš
    The game is good, but the fact it's so easy to beat four AI opponents at max difficulty makes it boring after a while.
  20. mohammad esfandyari
    After a week its becoming so easy to win against 4 hunters!!!


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